How to decorate an old jersey

Lace decor

Lace T-shirt Decoration. This variation will give the product femininity and romance. This is due to the fact that the lace has a lightness and airiness. Sew on the lace can be on the edge of the sleeves and neckline. You can also make different patterns from lace, or even flower arrangements. Who really has a fantasy?

Mike Skeleton

Design with scissors. With the help of such a cutting tool, you can transform the shirt just beyond recognition. Cotton products are most suitable for this design. A popular version of cutting shirts is a skeleton shirt. On the back of the product, one vertical incision is made in the region of the spine, and then horizontal cuts are made at intervals of 1.5–2 cm to imitate the ribs. Between cuts, the fabric will interestingly turn into a tube and will look attractive.

Lightning decoration

To transform and paint an undershirt the ordinary lightning will help. You can cut the sleeves up to the neck and sew in there zippers, preferably with runners on both sides. And you can simply sew unbuttoned zipper on the T-shirt, curving it in an interesting way. It is better if such lightning is multi-colored.

Rhinestones or sequins

When your T-shirt still looks great, it has an interesting style and current colors, but it has already become boring to you, then refresh it with sequins or paste rhinestones. The number of sparkles depends only on the desire of the owner. These are just some options for changing the design of the old T-shirt. You can also decorate it with embroidery, beads, paint it with felt-tip pens or paints, make an appliqué.

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