How to decorate a balcony

Wash off firstbalcony�and re-paintbalconygrill and window sill. Put on the floorbalconya new linoleum or tile. You can also cover the floor with beautiful, inexpensive rugs or rugs. It must be borne in mind thatbalcony�- a dusty place, so when choosing mats it is necessary to take into account that they should be easy to wash or fit into a washing machine.
The most popular decoration forbalconys - flowers. They can be planted not only in hanging or floor boxes, but also in pots or tubs. Pots can be placed in woven pots or decorative baskets. Use all the possibilities of vertical gardening, hanging pots to the barrierbalconyor to the wall of the house. In addition, it does not hurt to take out for the summerbalcony�indoor plants - they will be very useful these "air baths". If you are a poor florist, and the plants do not grow in your hands (this also happens) - you can use them for decorationbalconyand artificial flowers, also hanging them in pots or braiding the fence.
OnbalconyYou can put any garden furniture - wood, plastic or metal.Garden furniture is specifically designed to be used outdoors and will not fade or deform. A folding visor-marquise or a large umbrella will not only save yourbalcony�from rain and direct sun, but also decorate it. The main thing - to choose the color and shape that would be combined with yourbalconyfurniture and furniture, as well as with the facade of the house.
Do not forget about lightingbalconya - especially if you plan to spend the evenings here. You can use garden lamps on solar batteries, having fixed them in boxes with flowers, you can use various candles for lighting. And if you put the candles in the high beautiful colored glass candle holders, glasses, mounted on the fence, they will decoratebalcony�and in the light of day.
Can also be used for decorationbalconyand any interior elements: put a room fountain, decoratebalconyribbons, install a children's turntable or wind vane ... Imagine, and do not forget that all the objects placed onbalconye, must be resistant to dampness and sufficiently well fixed - otherwise they can be carried away by a gust of wind.

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