How to deal with the symptoms of toxemia

The most important event in the life of a woman is motherhood. Having learned that she will soon become a mother, a woman experiences indescribable happiness. However, almost all pregnant women have to get acquainted with such an unpleasant phenomenon as toxicosis. Its main signs are that the expectant mother becomes irritable, she has plentiful salivation, nausea, drowsiness and weight loss. Often (especially if this is the first pregnancy), the ladies probably do not know what to do with these sensations. However, toxemia of pregnant women is normal, in most cases it should not be treated. If nausea is very exhausting, and vomiting occurs quite often, it will be correct to consult a doctor anyway.

What to eat

Most nausea attacks in the morning. A poem is not necessary, barely awake, to jump out of bed. Take time for yourself, lie down in bed, eat cookies or some nuts (these products should be taken care of in the evening so that they are on hand in the morning.Eat them slowly, and the attack will subside.

Women in the position interested in what you need to eat to reduce discomfort? Vitamin B6 successfully counteracts toxicosis. It is found in eggs, chicken (skinless), nuts, beans, peas. You can cook a delicious dish, combining these products. A pregnant woman should eat every three hours, but it is better if the portions are small so that the stomach is not overloaded.

The important thing about nutrition: a woman in position should love cooked food or steamed. There is little use in fried, spicy and fatty dishes, so it's better to forget about them for a while. Food should not be too hot, but not cold. If the future mother is often sick, then it will be right to eat wiped dishes. Fresh vegetables and fruits are best replaced by juices and mashed potatoes.

For women who are preparing to become mothers, it is important to have calcium in the body, and, as you know, it is a lot in dairy products. But often pregnant with toxemia can not look at the milk, not what to drink it. Women force themselves to drink milk, knowing that it is useful for the baby. At the same time a woman feels unwell. Do not torture yourself, no one will benefit from this.Your body knows what you need and will give a signal.

All about drinking

Experts insist that a woman in position should drink 2 liters of water per day (carbonated drinks are contraindicated). It is better if it is purchased mineral water. It should be drunk in small sips. Recommended to pregnant women per day to use about 2 liters of water without gas. You need to drink it in small sips. It is better not to drink before dreams, otherwise in the morning you will see a swollen face in the mirror. Make it a rule to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning - this will reduce nausea and you will feel refreshed.

Many future moms love tea, but there are a few nuances: green tea contains a maximum of caffeine, so moms can better forget about it for a while. The same goes for coffee. Perfectly eliminates nausea and vomiting ginger tea. But they should not get carried away, enough will be a small cup per day. A good result will come after drinking a cup of mint tea. It will relax, relieve nausea, reduce puffiness. Also useful is a decoction of dried apricots with prunes, pumpkin juice, cranberry juice.

When salivation helps rinsing the mouth with infusion of chamomile, sage, mint.Some experts believe that the manifestations of toxicosis help a woman carry a baby. How? Very simple: the vagaries associated with food help the expectant mother to figure out what she needs to eat and what should be avoided. Listen to these sensations. Just do not eat something that could somehow harm you or the baby.

Additional tips

Expectant mother takes care of the child being born healthy. Therefore, it is contraindicated to drink and smoke! Take a walk in the fresh air, especially in the morning. In the afternoon, if it is a hot season, it is not worth it on the street for a long time. Useful walks before bedtime. Often ventilate the kitchen and do not forget about the hood, so that smells do not irritate you. No need to focus on toxicosis. Enjoy pregnancy, because this is an unforgettable time! And you will see discomfort and discomfort will slowly go away.

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