How to cure spinal curvature

There are congenital anomalies of the spinal column, which are based on a variety of vertebral deformities: underdevelopment, additional vertebrae, sphenoid-shaped vertebrae and others. To acquired curvaturesspineinclude: rachitic, paralytic, rheumatic, habitual on the basis of poor posture (they are often called "school"). Deformity - the most common disease of the musculoskeletal system.Curvaturespine progresses rapidly and reaches the highest degree of scoliosis by the end of the growth of the child's body.
Severe progressive deformationsspineand the thorax strongly affect the function of the internal organs: deterioration of the function of external respiration; the volume of pleural cavities decreases; develops a symptom of pulmonary heart disease and other major changes.
Determine the presence of curvaturespinepossible on the following grounds: in your usual posture, one shoulder above the other; bulging angle of the scapula; noticeable curvaturespinewhen leaning forward. And if you have at least one of these symptoms, immediately contact an orthopedic traumatologist or surgeon. The specialist will examine the patient and prescribe an x-ray examination and determine the degree of curvature.spine.
Treatment depends on the patient's age, degree of deformity.spineand type of curvature. Scoliosis 1 and 2 degrees are treated with conservative methods. Nutrition rich in vitamins and trace elements. The bed should be hard with a special orthopedic mattress and a solid shield. A chair and table to match your height, you need to sit at the table straight, and your legs should reach the floor. The correct setting of the light is important. Therapeutic gymnastics is systematically carried out, it is often prescribed to wear orthopedic corsets. The main means of conservative treatment is physiotherapy. Regular physical exercises have a stabilizing effect on the spine, strengthen the muscles of the body, improve posture, and respiratory function. Physical therapy is most effective in the initial forms of scoliosis.The complex of means of physiotherapy exercises (gymnastics) includes: therapeutic exercises; massage; swimming and exercise in the water; small elements of sport; position correction.
Curvature preventionspineis to respect the correct posture. Morning gymnastics, strengthening workout, active rest is the motor minimum necessary for every person, adult and child, and it should include gymnastics, walking, running and swimming. Physical exercises are health-improving, fortifying, and special exercises are used to strengthen the muscles of the chest and abdominals. Success will depend on your perseverance, on the regularity and duration of classes.
If the cause of the development of curvaturespinethe length of the legs is different, a special insole is placed under the short leg, or the wearing of orthopedic shoes is assigned. Surgical treatment is carried out with rapidly progressive curvature.spine. Install various kinds of mechanical endocorrectors to correct the curvaturespine. At 16-18 years of age (as the growth of the body is reached), the development of scoliosis stops. Further treatment is supportive (correct day regimen, good nutrition, physical therapy, physiotherapy and massage).
How to cure diseases of the spine. The spine is an extremely important part of our skeleton, which accounts for the bulk of the load. In ancient times, doctors believed that the spine is the focus of human energy and vitality.
Helpful advice
Recommendations regarding the choice of treatment for back pain, osteochondrosis and other diseases of the spine. The only thing that can be said with sufficient confidence is that well-chosen and correctly performed exercises in gymnastics and other physical activity are very useful for the spine.

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