How to cure gynecomastia

The choice of treatment for gynecomastia depends on the reasons for its occurrence. It may be conservative or surgical. Conservative treatment involves taking medications aimed at restoring the balance of testosterone and estrogen. It is effective to prescribe it at the first stage of the disease, not later than four months after the beginning of the growth of the mammary gland. Medications are used in two ways: to increase testosterone levels and to reduce excess estrogen levels.
The surgical method of treatment is to remove or excise breast tissue or fatty tissue that grows with false gynecomastia. Surgical treatment is prescribed for the ineffectiveness of the conservative method.
Gynecomastia, which occurred on the background of medication, is treated by their cancellation. Without treatment, gynecomastia of newborns, in the pubertal period and with the resumption of food (this type of disease occurs when the normal diet is restored after a long fast).In these cases, it is usually only necessary to observe a specialist. In cases where gynecomastia occurs on the background of another disease, for example, in chronic renal failure or hyperthyroidism, the underlying disease is treated.
Doctors do not recommend self-treatment of gynecomastia. This disease can be caused by a complex of reasons, which only an endocrinologist can identify and prescribe an effective therapy. In addition to this specialist, you can also contact a surgeon, urologist or therapist for help.

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