How to create admin panel?

Galina Devyatkina
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How to create admin panel?

If you are developing your own site, you must have the basic skills to create it. First developed engine for the site, and then the administrative panel, with which you can create and add new pages for your resource.

Admin Creation

There is nothing complicated in creating an admin panel; this process is similar to creating the most primitive engine. First of all, you should immediately decide what functions your admin panel will perform and what data you want to see on it. Remember that all pages must have a certain structure and appearance.

  1. The original design for this is optional, but all data must be distributed. For the admin panel, you must create a management class. With it, it will be possible to make a selection of tables, as well as edit and add certain data. Create a minimal set of methods that you will definitely need in your work. These are methods such as: �
    • selection for users;
    • add or change user.
  2. After creating a class for management, it is necessary to split the template of your site into several separate parts.
  3. Now you need to copy them to files that have the tpl extension. The elements of the template are arranged in the following way: User (yourname) registration (data). For convenience, this type of data is best displayed in tables.
  4. After the files are copied, you need to create a class that will perform the function of substituting your data instead of the template. Thus, with the help of this class, �collect� all the pages of your administrative panel.

The creation of the admin panel can be completed. If desired, the developer or administrator of the site can be made a certain original panel design.

With the administrative panel you can easily manage the site on php and add / remove modules of the site, change the design, create pages and categories, manage settings and change the rights for users. By learning how to create and use the admin panel, you will greatly simplify the entire process of managing your site and increase productivity and work efficiency.

With some knowledge, you can easily create an admin for your own site.

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