How to count square meters

How to count square metersIf you are going to do repairs in the house, apartment, office or any other room, the first thing you will have is the question of the amount of materials you will need to use in the process. It is from them that it depends more on how much money you will spend on repairs in general.

If you have ever visited the construction markets or supermarkets, then you probably noticed that the price of many materials is expressed in a certain amount of money per 1 m². In order to correctly draw up an estimate of future work, you first need to calculate the area of ​​the room in which they will be held. In this article we will tell you how to calculate square meters.

Measuring the walls

In practice, it is not at all difficult to make all the necessary measurements. Let's see more in this issue:

  1. As a tool for the implementation of this work, you can use a laser range finder, tape measure or a long ruler. Measuring the height and length of each of the walls of the room it is necessary to fix the data on paper.
  2. If it is very important for you that the values ​​have high accuracy, you should measure the wall in several places. After that, add all the readings and calculate the arithmetic average.
  3. Find the length and width of the wall, multiply these values ​​- so you get the area. All necessary actions need to be made on each surface which you are going to warm, glue or revet.How to count square meters
  4. Based on the area and the maximum budget, estimate the cost of materials you need and go to the construction market or to the store.

There are cases when the room has an unusual shape, there are projections or niches on the walls. The area of ​​such walls can be found by calculating the area of ​​each of the surfaces and summing up all the indicators.

Measure the floor

To find out what amount of insulation or decorative coating you need to repair the floor, you need to correctly measure all the parameters and calculate the area of ​​the room. Find square meters of the floor can be in the same way as described above. At the same time, please note that it is not necessary to take out furniture from a room or make a shift.Measure the length and width of the room and on the walls.How to count square meters

Attach a tape measure or ruler to the surface and lead as long as the tool length is enough. Put a mark in the right place and move the ruler further. In this way, find the necessary parameters.

If you want to calculate the size of the floor in a non-standard room, divide the existing surface into geometric shapes: squares and rectangles. After that, find the parameters of each section, count their area and add the resulting numbers.

In the event that you do not repair the same room, but the whole apartment, measure each room separately and sum up the results.

Computer to help

How to count square metersIn our age of computer technology, there is simply an incredible number of various programs. Calculate the area of ​​the apartment, using one of the appropriate applications, is not difficult. To do this, make all the necessary measurements, make them into the appropriate program and get the finished result.
As you can see, finding square meters is not at all difficult. In this article we have described in detail how to do this. We hope that our recommendations will be useful to you.

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