How to cook juicy steak from meat?

Beefsteak can be called one of the most popular dishes on the entire planet, especially among the male population. He is respected and loved by all who love meat, according to statistics, this is one of the most ordered dishes in restaurants and cafes, again, among the stronger sex.

Its dense and rich taste, fibrous and elastic consistency can not fail to delight, everyone, self-respecting culinary specialist, should be able to cook this dish really tasty. And, despite the fact that, roughly speaking, beefsteak is called a roasted piece of beef meat, not everyone can cope with this task, especially if you do not know all the secrets and subtleties of its preparation.


If you understand the essence of the name itself (English “beef” - beef), then it is not difficult to guess that this dish is made exclusively of beef, mainly from the head portion of the tenderloin. It seems that everything is so simple, but not quite, because everyone knows that beef is not an easy and capricious meat, which is very easy to cook with dry or resembling a piece of rubber.

The question immediately arises: how to cook a steak so that the result really meets all expectations? To make the dish really tasty, first of all, you need to carefully approach the process of choosing raw meat, it must be fresh, in no case ice cream! Before we plunge into the world of fragrant and juicy meat, we suggest to get acquainted with the history of the dish in a few words.

According to experts, steak is an ancient dish that is of Norman origin. In the 18th century, beef tenderloin, roasted over high heat, became fashionable in England, where it soon spread among the aristocracy, and in 1730 even a privileged club was created dedicated to this dish.

Perfect combination

Over the years, a simple dish has reached the culinary art, a lot of its varieties have appeared, for example, a rural steak or steak in chicken style. Years later, even chopped steaks appeared, which were prepared from ground beef, and they were distinguished from ordinary meatballs by the fact that the recipe does not use any extraneous additives to it.

Selection of meat and its preliminary preparation

If you buy old, poor-quality meat, then no matter how hard you try to cook it, it will not be delicious, one hundred percent. A pair of tenderloin for such purposes is also not suitable, after slaughtering a bull-calf, it should lie for a few more days.

The best option is the meat of a young bull, pay attention to the color of the fat layers, they should not be yellow, this indicates its respectable age. The age of the animal can be recognized by the color of the meat itself: in old age it is too dark.

Do not forget that the piece should not be light or dark areas, it should be completely homogeneous, in addition, it should not be too bright, it may indicate the presence of dyes.

Such a dish can be prepared from different parts of the carcass, but the tender and juicy part of the tenderloin, namely the flesh from the back or the thighs, is considered the most prestigious and valuable. When chopped steaks appeared, to make them, instead of expensive pieces of tenderloin, it became real to use cheap meat from the neck or shoulder blade.

In section

To cut the pieces is necessary across the fibers, this is an important rule that can not be neglected, otherwise the meat risks being irretrievably spoiled.The pieces should be quite thick, from 2.5 to 4 cm.

This is followed by a carbing procedure, as a result of which small cuts are made on each of the sides, preventing subsequent deformation of the meat during frying. Then the pieces need to beat off with a wooden hammer, it is desirable to do it through a linen cloth, in order to soften the fibers, but not damage them.

The traditional steak recipe does not presuppose marinating, usually it is rubbed with salt or pepper just before the frying. Today there are a large number of recipes, where meat is soaked in complex marinades and seasoned with numerous spices, there are options when the surface is rubbed with a piece of onion to make the dish softer and more tender.


In any case, immediately before frying the meat should be slightly dried with paper napkins and thoroughly cleaned of seasonings.

How to fry?

As we have said, this dish is prepared exclusively from beef, all recipes using pork, chicken or any other meat can not be called a real steak. Since this is so, then the process of frying must be approached with the utmost seriousness,because you do not want to eat a dry piece of rubber.

Beautiful meat

Usually it is cooked in a hot cast-iron pan in oil. If the surface of the steak is dry and the oil is warmed up properly, it will instantly be covered with an appetizing crust that will seal all the juice inside the piece.

For true lovers of this dish, there are different degrees of roasting, which depends on the time of meat in a hot frying pan. In any case, it is customary to serve it to the table immediately after frying, otherwise it risks “reaching” after removing it from the stove.

Classic Beefsteak Recipe

To prepare you will need:

  • beef tenderloin - 150 g;
  • concentrated meat broth - 50 g;
  • butter - 10 g;
  • horseradish root - 15 g;
  • pepper, salt.

The prepared part of the filet is cut into portions, according to the principle that we described above. Then we beat them with a wooden hammer to a thickness of 1.5-2 cm, preferably, to give them an oval or round shape.

After rubbing the meat with pepper and salt, we heat the frying pan along with the butter (can be replaced with margarine), and then send the prepared pieces there, fry to the required degree from two sides (7-15 minutes).Put the ready steak on a dish, grate horseradish on top, pour it with oil and broth.

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