How to contact the operator MTS

How to contact the operator MTSIt is no secret that constant competition for leadership in its segment is between the cellular companies. This leads to the improvement of the service and the services provided for the convenience of its subscribers. Many questions can be resolved through the use of USSD-requests, short numbers, SMS or Internet assistants. However, the need to solve the problem with a competent employee is still relevant. In this article, we will consider the simplest methods of how to contact the operator, spending a minimum of effort and time.

Using a single short number

For subscribers of the MTS network in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, it is possible to communicate with the operator via a short number. In order for you to be connected to a company employee, you need to do the following:

  1. Dial "0890" on the keyboard and wait for the connection.
  2. Listen to the voice menu items and press "2".
  3. Then wait until the auto-informer will present the detailed menu and press "0".
  4. Expect connections with a specialist.

This method is simple, but it can take you a while to wait for a connection. In the busiest hours, waiting is 1-3 minutes, so please be patient.

Call operator MTS from mobile

How to contact the operator MTSAnother way to get on direct contact with the "live" mobile network operator is to call the federal number. This service is completely free for subscribers of the network. To achieve the result you need to do a few simple manipulations:

  1. Dial the number “8 800 250 08 90” on the telephone keypad and wait for the connection.
  2. Then listen to the self-service menu items and press "2".
  3. After that, to contact the operator MTS dial "0". Wait your turn.
  4. Done! A competent specialist will competently advise you regarding the problem.


How to contact MTS operator from roaming?

How to contact the operator MTSFor those subscribers who have problems with communication, being outside the borders of the state, there is an excellent solution - call the operator from roaming. In order to implement it you need to do the following:

  1. Dial the number of the MTS operator "+7 495 766 0166".
  2. Expect connections with a company employee who will provide advice.

This service is completely free, but do not forget to put the “+” symbol in front of the number.

Landline call

MTS communication with the operator is available through the city telephone. This method is used extremely rarely, but it is indispensable if the problem that has arisen does not allow you to communicate through the mobile device itself. So, in order to get in touch with the operator, you need to call the single number "8-800-250-0890" and wait for the connection with the specialist.How to contact the operator MTS

Please note that with this method of dialing, you will also be put on the queue of subscribers, so you need to wait a few minutes to contact the employee.

Thus, we have considered several ways to help you contact the MTS operator. Depending on the location, you can choose for yourself the best option, greatly simplifying the process of solving the problem. Use the services of your operator to the maximum, to instantly establish a mobile connection.

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