How to combine a bedroom of parents and a nursery in one room

A small child needs around the clock care and supervision. Therefore, it is necessary that the parents and the baby are always near. How to combine a nursery for a newborn and a bedroom? We will tell about it in our article.
how to combine a bedroom with a nursery
How to combine a bedroom with a nursery
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How to connect a bedroom with a nursery: solutions

In order that the living room for the child and his parents would not turn out to be an absurd heap of furniture, it is necessary to carefully consider the interior solution. Designers advise to zone the room, that is, divide the room into zones. This should be a separate area for the child and a place for the parent bedroom. This can be done without even making large financial investments.

Zoning is the best way to combine various functional spaces.

How can you distinguish zones in the same room so as not to disturb the harmony of the perception of the living room? Consider several options:

  • dividing the premises into zones can be done with the help of a plasterboard partition, but it should not become a sort of "Berlin Wall" between you and the baby;
  • easier and more elegant option: the use of a screen or curtains;
  • Visual zoning with a hanging ceiling made at different levels or using a catwalk will look stylish.

These options are convenient because when your baby grows up and moves into its own room, the interior can be easily changed.

Action plan

First of all, you need to draw a plan of the room and conduct a design survey. Of course, you can invite a professional, but it is much nicer to do everything yourself, filling the shelter with the warmth of your soul.

In drawing up a plan for the interior solution, the following points should be considered:

  • to maintain the health of the child, it is necessary that there is enough light in the room and fresh air is not obstructed;
  • All materials from which the furniture and partitions are made must be environmentally safe and easy to be hygienically treated;
  • the color scheme of the interior should be in neutral calm colors, without bright “screaming” spots;
  • it is best to put parquet or laminate on the floor - these materials are environmentally friendly and retain heat well;
  • it is necessary to conduct an audit of interior items: if they are not necessary at a given time, then they are better to be removed from the room, not to litter the space;
  • a prerequisite is the absence in the room of hanging and lying wires from electrical appliances, they need to be hidden under a special floor plinth;
  • All sockets must be plugged.

If you take into account all the recommendations and connect the imagination, you can create the perfect joint space for yourself and your child.

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