How to collect sewage

Start by creating or ordering a common sewage project yourself. If you start work, without thinking over all the details, you can get not a system for the discharge of wastewater, but a system for getting them back to the premises.
Be sure to include slopes in the sewer system. This is important both when laying fun pipes and when working out angles of rotation. If there is insufficient slope in the pipe, congestion may form, and if the slope is negative, water may not flow into the sewer well, but back into the house.
Calculate also the angles of rotation of sewer pipes. Water with large impurities should not be removed at angles of rotation of more than 90 degrees. The flatter the turn, the better the sewage flow. In some cases it is better to make a connection not from one direct tap, but from two, located at an angle of 45 degrees.
When selecting materials, take into account that different types of pipes are used for outdoor and indoor wiring.This is due to the different operating conditions. Indoors, the funnel is practically not under stress, but the street part of the system will be in the mobile zone. The outdoor part of the sewage system is made of more durable materials and should have a larger diameter.
Install the sewer system from fixed points rigidly defined in the geometry of the space of premises. It is ideal to start installation from the final outlet point and collect pipes to the points of the sanitary water intake.
Make sure that the system collected from the pipes does not have additional loads, bends or cuts. Plastic may cause cracks in the joints of areas, even with small bending loads.
Secure each individual pipe section to prevent sagging and excess free length.
Unlike cast iron pipes, plastic ones require mandatory sound insulation, since they do not drown out the sounds of falling water.

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