How to clean the mushrooms?

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How to clean the mushrooms?

In order to properly prepare any mushroom dish, you must first learn how to clean the mushrooms. After all, how tastefully cleaned mushrooms depend on their taste.

General recommendations

Any mushrooms before cooking should be cleaned and rinsed several times under running water. They remove the sticky leaves and conifer needles. If a small animal has bitten off a mushroom, it is better to cut the bite. Often it is also found that there are worms in the leg of a mushroom, and sometimes already in a hat. Then this part of the fruit body is cut off. In addition, so that such "residents" left their house, you can soak the mushrooms for 20-30 minutes in salt water.

How to clean mushrooms champignons

Champignons - this is one of the most common types of mushrooms, they can be purchased in supermarkets and markets. There are several opinions on how to clean these mushrooms:

  1. According to some culinary experts, champignons cannot be washed with water, as it is absorbed into the mushrooms, and they become tasteless afterChampignoncookingTherefore, it is advised only to wipe the mushrooms with a damp cloth, cleaning them from dirt. Chefs also believe that the fruit bodies of champignons do not need to be cleaned from the �skirt� on the mushroom stem and to separate the upper skin from the cap.
  2. Other experts believe that washing mushrooms (any) is a must. First, it is done to protect themselves from eating harmful substances that may be on the mushrooms. Secondly, simply wiping the fruit bodies, it is impossible to be one hundred percent sure that the sand and the rest of the dirt will not remain on them, and will not creak on the teeth when using a dish of mushrooms. Also, this category of cooks is of the opinion that the "skirt" of the mushroom and the sticky skin from the cap must be removed without fail. It is in these parts contains a brown dye that spoils the look of the finished dish.

Most cooks are limited to washing champignons. If the mushrooms are not very soiled with earth and are not damaged, simple washing under cold water will be enough.

How to clean white mushrooms

Borovik or white fungus, which is also called the king of mushrooms - the most popular among gourmets.Experienced mushroom pickers claim that this variety of mushrooms practically does notWhiteneeds special treatment before cooking. They believe that it is not necessary to trim the leg on the boletus, as well as the peel from the cap. To separate the "extra", you just need to wipe the legs and cap with a special brush, which can be purchased at the store of household goods. If there is no such device, a simple soft-bristled toothbrush will do.

Opinions of mushroom pickers, regarding whether you need to wash porcini mushrooms before cooking or not, also diverge.


The name of these mushrooms suggests that they can be eaten raw: at least those 7 species that are found on the territory of Russia. These are mushrooms, their caps are covered with the skin of various colors and shades. Moreover, if the color of thisRussulaIf the film is pale (gray-green, pale yellow), then it really can not be cleared. It does not affect the taste of the fungus and does not harm anyone who eats it.

When the skin on the cap is red or bright blue, it must be cleaned and only after that the mushrooms are cooked. As for the leg of the russula, the �skirt� is removed from it, and the �root� is cut off.

If the mushrooms are heavily contaminated or there is a suspicion that they could accumulate toxins, then the skin of the russula head should be cleaned. If the skin is poorly cleaned, the mushrooms can be soaked for a while. However, many of the rind does not peel the skin from the cap, assuming that the mushrooms are more tasty.

Features of cleaning other types of mushrooms

  • Legs of boletus and aspen mushrooms are cleaned on the same principle as carrots, scraping the upper dark "coating". The hat does not clean.
  • Milk before soaking in salted water for a time of 1 hourMushroomsbefore the day. It is necessary for them to come out a bitter "milk". After soaking, they are cleaned with a special �mushroom� brush or knife, removing rot and black spots from the fruit body.
  • The mushrooms are washed under running water several times. "Skirt" is removed with a knife or brush. You can also cut off the lower part of the legs, if you do not have time or the desire to scrape off dirt and sticky leaves from them.
  • Before you clean the mushrooms, you should make sure that the edible mushroom was really caught. So, in edible mushrooms orange juice is released, and in poisonous ones - white.After edible mushrooms are washed in cold water, and then put in warm for several hours. At the end of soaking, mushrooms are cleaned in the same way as mushrooms.

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