How to clean the pomegranate?

How to clean the pomegranate?Is it possible to clear a grenade in a couple of seconds without getting the surrounding walls and clothes dirty? Make it quite real. The main thing is to grow your hands from where necessary, and you have listened to our advice.


Why do we love pomegranate so much? First of all, for its sweetness and beneficial properties. And he has a lot of them. Pomegranate juice is actively fighting aging. It contains many antioxidants that prevent our cells from aging. It improves the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, has a beneficial effect on the kidneys, stimulates the secretion of bile, which significantly improves the digestive processes.


Choose dry pomegranates, they should be juicy inside. The rind should tightly tight the grain and the berry (yes, the pomegranate is the berry) should be firm. If it is soft, it means that it was stored incorrectly or it was damaged during transportation.


How to clean the pomegranate?


There are several ways:


Method number 1.


Wash the grenade. Cut the fruit in a circle, but not completely. Remove the cap and make small cuts. Pulling a grenade with both hands in different directions,and it opens like a flower. You can insert a knife into the white core and twist it. Pulling small grains from each slice is easier than ever.


Method number 2.


Cut the pomegranate in two halves and separate them with your hands. Take one half, turn it over a plate and tap with a wooden spoon. After a couple of seconds, all the seeds will be on the plate.


Here are two simple ways to help you get by with minimal losses. Now we find the use of mined pomegranate seeds.


Chicken stuffed with cheese and pomegranate




  • Chicken carcass
  • Pomegranate - 1 pc.
  • Hard cheese - 150 gr.
  • Salt pepper




Rub the carcass with salt and pepper. We clean the garnet according to our scheme, three cheese and mix it with grains. With this mixture we stuff the chicken and sew up the hole. We put in the oven at 180 degrees and fry until golden brown. The taste of the meat is very unusual.


Eggplant with pomegranate and mint


You will need:


  • Eggplant - 3 pcs.
  • Olive oil - 3 tbsp. l.
  • Salt pepper
  • Half pomegranate
  • Half lemon
  • A bunch of mint
  • Sauce “Narsharab” - 2 tsp.




Cut the eggplants into thin plates and pour them with olive oil.Grill our halves of aubergines on both sides. Peel the pomegranate and combine its grains with finely chopped mint. Cooking refueling. Mix olive oil, lemon juice, “Narsharab” sauce along with mint and pomegranate. Solim and pepper refueling. Put the eggplants on a serving plate and pour over our dressing. The snack is ready.


* Narsharab is an oriental seasoning made from pomegranate juice. In addition to pomegranate, it contains coriander, cinnamon, basil, bay leaf and red pepper.


Pumpkin Pilaf, Smoked Fish and Pomegranate


The dish is very unusual at first glance, but the ingredients in it are combined very well, so the pilaf is amazing.


Ingredients Required:


  • Rice - 3 cups
  • Smoked fish
  • Pomegranate - 2 pcs.
  • Butter - 300 gr.
  • Salt pepper
  • Pumpkin - 300 gr.
  • Lavash - 3 leaves




Put a pot of water on the fire while it boils, peel the pumpkin and cut it into small squares, wash the rice well. When the water is boiling, throw rice in it, and after three minutes and pumpkin. Add water, mix and leave to cook for fifteen minutes.After the rice and pumpkin are soft, drain the water from them.


We throw a piece of butter into a cauldron and melt it. Put melted pita bread on melted butter. Pour a small portion of rice and pumpkin on it, lightly salt and pepper. You can use any herbs or spices for pilaf. Then another layer of rice and pumpkin. Put the cauldron on the smallest fire and add the remaining butter to the pilaf.


While the pilaf is ready, peel the smoked fish from the peel and seed, disassemble the garnet into grains. When the pilaf is ready, lay out layers on a plate: rice and pumpkin, on top of the fish and pomegranate seeds.

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