How to choose the perfect shoes for a wedding?

Wedding shoes are not only an important part of the image of the bride, but also a guarantee of her comfort. And so that she complements the dress and does not deliver discomfort, it is important to take her choice responsibly.

What to choose?

The first step is to determine the type of shoes:

  • Shoes - this is the classic and most common option. They are combined with almost any dress and look elegant, feminine and at the same time restrained. If you are planning a celebration for the fall or spring, then this version of the shoe will be the most optimal. But by making the wrong choice, you risk dooming yourself to inconvenience and blisters.
  • Sandals. It is believed that the bride can not wear them, because through the open noses and heels will flow away the money and the family well-being of the newlyweds. If you believe in omens, then it is better to refuse such shoes, since bad thoughts will spoil your mood. If for you omens - no more than fiction, feel free to wear sandals, especially if you have chosen a light summer dress, and your wedding is scheduled for a warm summer.
  • Boots - ideal for the cold season and for long winter walks or photo shoots in the open air. But there are so-called summer boots, made of fine textile materials, for example, lace. They look very original and bright, so do not cover them with a hem, choose a dress that is up to the knees or slightly above them. To the pluses of boots can be attributed reliable foot fixation, comfort and warmth. But if the legs after an active dance otekut, then tight shoes can start squeezing them.
  • Instead of boots you can choose ankle boots, they will make the image of the bride stylish and fashionable. But it is worth remembering that only those with slender and rather long legs can afford such shoes.
  • Ballet flats are the most convenient option. You definitely will not get tired and do not rub corn. And if the ballet flats are chosen correctly, the image will become sweet and gentle. But this option is not suitable for girls of short stature. In addition, ballet shoes are not combined with all models and styles of dresses.
  • Sandals - a comfortable summer option that will perfectly match with a dress in the Greek style.

Determine with the shape

How to choose wedding shoes for the bride? To make it not only comfortable, but also complement the image, you should decide on the style.

What should I look for?

  • Nose. If you chose a simple and elegant dress, then pick up the pumps with slightly pointed noses, they will give femininity and somebody a chic. And yet this model will visually lengthen the legs and make them more slender and attractive. Long, sharp noses look too pretentious, in addition, they have long been irrelevant. If your choice fell on a modern and bright dress, pick up shoes with round toes. It will look gentle and lovely and will allow you to make your foot more elegant (this is especially true for owners of impressive legs).
  • Heels. The studs, of course, look more elegant and feminine, but it’s impossible to call them comfortable, so the bride’s legs can quickly get tired. A thick, steady heel will provide stability and make the toe more comfortable. It is best to find a middle ground and choose shoes with heels of medium thickness. In addition, they can be replaced with fashionable and original wedges. And if you prefer comfort, choose a model with a flat sole or on a small wide heel.
  • Platform.The platform will make shoes fashionable, but at the same time more massive and somewhat flashy, so that it will be combined only with dresses of modern models. In addition, this element will increase the growth of the bride, which is not always appropriate. But the platform will make a less pronounced and more convenient lifting of shoes, boots or sandals.

Some tips:

  1. It is better to combine a magnificent dress with footwear on heels or on a platform sole.
  2. A dress of a slightly fitted or straight silhouette will blend in with pumps.
  3. Sandals, boots, ankle boots or shoes with rounded toes will be perfectly combined with a short dress.

Determine the color

A few ideas:

  • Color shoes can fully match the color of the dress.
  • You can choose shoes to tone or two darker dresses. So, if the dress is white, you can choose a milky or ivory. And with an outfit of shade "champagne" beige shoes can harmonize.
  • Shoes can be combined in tone with one of the accessories, for example, with a dress belt, handbag or bridal bouquet.



  • Leather shoes are a versatile option.
  • Silk or satin outfit will complement patent leather shoes.
  • Lace shoes will be perfectly combined with a dress made of guipure or the same lace.

Shoe decoration

It should be understood that the shoes are an accessory and a kind of addition to the dress, so that in any case they should not be too bright, flashy and abundant decorative elements. In addition, some details can cling to the long hem of the dress and damage it. And yet if you choose a simple dress, then the shoes can be interesting.


Decorations of lace, embroidery, rhinestones, beads, fabric flowers and small stones will look tender and romantic. But it's better to forget about rivets, chains and other similar brutal details. And in any case, remember that the decor should be combined with the dress and accessories.

Correct fitting

A few important points of proper fitting:

  • It is best to measure shoes in the evening when the legs will be slightly swollen.
  • It is important to correctly determine the size, otherwise the shoes will fall off or, conversely, to crush.
  • It is best to try fitting on tights or stockings.
  • Having put on shoes, sandals or boots, be sure to go to them in the store. Shoes, first of all, should be comfortable, because the bride will spend all day in it.

Helpful Tips

A few recommendations for brides:

  1. If you cannot combine beauty and attractiveness with comfort, get two pairs of shoes: one smart for a photo shoot, the other convenient for walking and dancing.
  2. It is best to choose the usual height of the heel, the experiments on the wedding day are inappropriate.
  3. If you can not decide, look at photos of fresh wedding magazines, you can draw some interesting ideas from them.
  4. If the dress is bright and decorated, choose the most concise shoes.
  5. It is advisable to purchase shoes after buying a dress. In addition, it is recommended to bring an outfit with you, or at least have his photo with you, this will allow you to find the most suitable pair.
  6. Before the wedding, take a little shoe at home to get used to it.

Let the selected wedding shoes be comfortable and beautiful!

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