How to choose glue for tiles

Glue for tiles: types

The modern building materials market offers a wide range of adhesives for tiles of various brands and manufacturers, differing from each other in their composition, application method and qualities.
Cement-based tile adhesive is a dry mix that requires dilution with water before facing. The high popularity of adhesive for tiles based on cement is justified by the possibility of choosing the degree of its elasticity, which plays an important role when facing surfaces with different properties. The disadvantage of this tile adhesive is its too long drying in the open air.
More advanced and convenient to use is glue for tiles on cement-based, the composition of which is supplemented with special plasticizers.These substances significantly increase the elasticity of the adhesive composition, allowing you to lay and glue tile more accurately, measuredly and without haste.
In the ready-made, paste-like form, a single-component adhesive is produced for tile. The absence of the need to dilute such a composition with water or add to it any other impurities significantly speeds up the process of laying tile, allowing you to perform facing work as soon as possible. Single-component adhesive for tiles possesses excellent elasticity, is easy to apply on the desired surface and does not dry for quite a long time.The ability to control the elasticity of a two-component adhesive for tiles allows it to be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as tile grouts.
Two-component adhesive for tile is in great demand in the building materials market. It is a set of components for the preparation of glue that can be easily mixed with each other before starting work. As a result of this mixing, a special chemical reaction occurs,giving glue to tiles the necessary elasticity, excellent adhesive properties and other qualities important for this building material.

The quality of good glue for tile

The most important quality that a good tile adhesive should have, of course, is its high adhesiveness. It depends on it how firmly and firmly the tile will be glued to the selected surface.
In addition to glueing ability, when choosing glue for a tile, one should pay attention to its elasticity, which is responsible for resistance to all sorts of deformations, which both the tile itself and the base intended for it can undergo during operation.The most popular and reliable manufacturers of tile adhesive are ATLAS, Vetonit, Ceresit, Kreps and Petromiks.
Buy tile glue only in specialized departments and stores of building materials, giving preference to reliable and proven manufacturers.

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