How to choose baby washing powder

Conventional washing powders for washing baby clothes are not suitable. They can cause irritation of the baby’s delicate skin, and allergies. In addition to the hypoallergenic characteristics, the composition of the baby powder is important, the ease of leaching.

What should be the composition of the baby powder

Washing powder for baby clothes should have a natural composition. This means that the product packaging will not indicate that the product consists of fragrances, bleaches, enzymes, phosphates, surfactants and other substances harmful to the skin. As a rule, children's powders are made from natural soap, so they remove dirt well and gently affect the structure of fabrics.
On the powder packaging it must be stated that this product is suitable for use from birth. Washing powder for baby clothes should not have a pronounced smell. Of particular importance is how quickly the composition is dissolved and rinsed.To test this, it is enough to do a test at home. To do this, a small amount of laundry detergent should be dissolved in a glass of hot water. If the water is cloudy, this product is poorly washed out of the fabric. For children's clothing, it is not suitable.

Criteria for the selection of powder for baby clothes

Children's washing powders may have a mild flavor, but for this, manufacturers use not synthetic flavors, but food ones. The smell of the powder can be from natural soap, as a rule, it speaks about the use of raw materials of low quality.
When buying baby phosphate-free powder, do not always consider the cost of the product. After all, even expensive powder can be unsafe for the health of the child. Before going to the store, be sure to check out customer reviews, opinions of independent experts. And do not rush to buy air conditioner to the laundry detergent - it is not recommended to rinse children's things in it until the age of three years due to too much smell and complex composition.
If your son or daughter is prone to allergies, you can safely wash their clothes with powder.But it is best to additionally iron clothes on both sides while the clothes are wet. It is advisable after the completion of washing in the machine to put the rinse mode again, so that the soap was thoroughly washed with water. Wash clothes for children separately from the things adults.

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