How to choose a terry towel

Pay attention to the type of yarn, it can be single, double, combed and twisted. Taketowelfrom combed yarn, it has the highest rate of moisture absorption.
Shelf lifeterry toweldepends on its density. The smaller it is (300 g / m2 and lower), the faster the product becomes unusable. The best option is 450-600 g / m2, in this casetowelwill remain elastic for a long time and will not lose its shape.
Density is not indicated on the label, but it can be determined by the weight of the towel. For example, a product measuring 70x140 centimeters at a density of 500 g / m2 will weigh approximately 490 grams.
An important factor when choosing a terry product is the pile height. The shorter it is (3.5 mm and lower), the worse its absorption. Such atowelfaster becomes rough and wet, often breaks. Too long pile (8 mm and more), more deteriorated after washing, loses its elegant appearance. Buy onetowelwith a pile length of five millimeters.
Pay attention to the composition of the product. The most comfortable terrytowelmade from 100% cotton. A product that is too soft may contain artificial fibers, such as viscose.
Now pick the right towel color for the bathroom.

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