How to choose a quality iron for the house?

To look perfect and save time we are helped by various devices and devices. One of such devices is an iron. And your appearance will depend on his choice. And how to choose the best iron?

How did iron appear?

The history of the first irons is rooted in the distant past. Yes, it turns out, even then people tried to give their clothes a neat appearance. During the archaeological excavations, it was found that the first ironing plants were invented in the 6th century BC.

Assistant in every home

This setup was a kind of rolling pin, made of metal rod, which was heated and smoothed the fabric. Then the clothes were smoothed with cobblestones heated over a fire. And in the 15th century, iron plates appeared in Europe, which were used for ironing folds. And in Russia there was a special device called the ruble.

It was a kind of fixture on which the fabric was wound, smoothed by the ribbed part.Rubel (he was also called prime, ribs and rolling) in some Russian villages existed until the last century.

But in Europe, metal irons have long been known, which eventually began to change their configuration. There were coal, alcohol and even gas irons. But then they invented electric irons, which are still used today.

How to make a choice?

How to choose a good iron and not make a mistake? We list the main types that are on sale today:

  • Heating irons. Previously, they were the most common, but today their popularity is gradually decreasing. Such a device is equipped with a heating element that heats the sole, and that, in turn, heats the fabric. The heated material becomes more pliable and is easily smoothed by the weight of the device.
  • Steam iron is the most common and sought after. With the help of such a device it is possible to carry out both dry ironing (that is, usual) and wet. All models of this type have a water tank. The water heats up, and through the holes in the sole of the iron steam comes out, which softens the material and smoothes it.
  • The iron with the steam generator is the most expensive, but at the same time provides quick smoothing. The device has a separate heating unit with a water boiler, and steam is generated in it. The steam generator is connected to the iron with a hose, through which steam is supplied, which then exits through the sole.

Sole features

The sole can be made of the following materials:

  • Aluminum is the most inexpensive material, but at the same time the least durable. The sole heats up quickly and cools down just as quickly, but may be damaged, which will deteriorate the quality of ironing and may eventually lead to breakage. And the aluminum sole can leave shiny marks on woolen fabrics.
  • Stainless steel is more durable, but heavy, which makes the whole device heavy. But this material is almost not scratched and is not damaged, which increases the service life of the iron. But the steel cools and cools longer than aluminum.
  • Ceramics, like cermets, is fairly strong and yet light. In addition, the ceramic sole is not damaged or scratched, slides easily and quickly cleaned, and also heats up quite quickly and cools.
  • TeflonTeflon sole slips somewhat worse than, for example, ceramics or steel. But such material does not stick to fabrics and does not burn them. But Teflon can scratch, and this will worsen the operation of the device.

Another criterion that is worth paying attention to is the area of ​​the sole. The larger it is, the faster the ironing process will be.


With steam generator

A large iron is suitable for a large family and for ironing large volumes of things. But such a device is likely to be heavy, which is not very convenient. You can take a small iron with you on vacation or on a trip, but they will have to iron much longer. Better to find a middle ground.


The more power, the faster the iron will heat up and the higher the temperature of its sole will be. This figure varies from 300 to 2500 watts. If you need a travel iron or appliance for an apartment in which there are problems with voltage, you can purchase a model with a capacity of up to 1500 watts.

For a small family, an iron with a power of 1500-2000 watts is suitable. But a large family is better to purchase a more powerful device that will allow to iron large amounts of clothing in short periods of time.

With many features

Steam supply

Special attention should be paid to the supply of steam. Many irons provide a horizontal feed, which, of course, is the best option for regular ironing. But if the device is equipped with a function of vertical steam, then this makes using the iron most convenient, because you can iron things without removing them from the hangers.

The uniformity of the distribution of steam depends on the number of holes in the sole through which steam is fed, as well as their location and dimensions. Usually larger holes are located on the lateral parts of the sole, and smaller ones - at the nose and at the end of the sole. The larger the holes, the better the steam will be. Most often irons have from 70 to 100 holes.

A lot of steam

Steam may be intermittent or continuous. The second option is more convenient because it allows you to evenly and almost instantly process large sections of fabric. The function of a steam stroke (enhanced one-time steam supply) allows you to iron heavily crumpled things from dense and coarse fabrics.

In addition, some irons allow you to change the flow rate, as well as its localization (for example, steam can only come out of the bow, and this is very convenient when smoothing small details, such as ruffles, lace, etc.).

In addition, steam supply depends on the volume of the water tank. The bigger it is, the longer the device will be able to work “without refueling”.


Some models of the cord do not have and heat up from the mains-operated stand. If there is a cord, then pay attention to its length. It can fluctuate within 1-4 meters. The longer the cord, the more comfortable it is to iron. But too long a cord may interfere. Also worth paying attention to the movement of the cord.

More convenient are models in which the cord at the base can move down and up, as well as side to side. But the most convenient are the models in which the cord has a ball mount and rotates 360 degrees.

Little things

Learn and additional features of the device:

  • Temperature mode. Almost all irons allow you to adjust the temperature, but some models display it, and also set it automatically, considering the type of fabric.
  • The automatic shutdown feature of the device ensures safety. So, if the iron does not budge within a certain time, it will automatically turn off, which will prevent a fire.
  • Anti-drip system.If ironing is carried out at low temperatures, water can flow through the holes. This system will protect against leakage.
  • Some devices are equipped with anti-scale system. Special filters are built into such irons.
  • The nozzle for delicate fabrics will protect materials from stains and cauterization.
  • Some models have a special thin protrusion in the bow, allowing you to iron the fabric under buttons and other details.
  • Some steam irons have a spray function that allows you to moisten and soften the fabric.

We rate comfort

Hold the iron in your hand, appreciate it in action. The handle of the device should be comfortable. The iron should move easily through the fabric. If the iron is uncomfortable, then ironing will become a real torture.

Choose the perfect iron and iron with pleasure.

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