How to choose a good thermal protection for hair?

Any woman wants to always look beautiful and elegant, but most importantly - diverse. Just the same as annoying your favorite jeans or your favorite color of lipstick, just the same hairstyle annoys you. Rarely, when a woman does not resort to various means that help her easily and simply change her appearance: curling irons, hair dryers, irons, thermo-curlers and other devices.

High temperatures harm hair

After all, everyone knows an unspoken rule - curly hair is quickly bored and their owners tend to pull them out, and girls with straight locks always suffer from lack of volume, so they are looking for all kinds of hair twisting.

All such tools are based on thermal action, under a high temperature, hair stays easier and becomes obedient, but the harm that such procedures do harm most of us think far from immediately.

All hair care has always been based on two main states: the creation of beauty and the cure of diseased hair after this beauty.Women for years dye their hair, do waving, pull hair with iron, and then actively use various masks and balms to eliminate the consequences. Time passes, the hair comes to life, after which the whole cycle begins anew.

Indeed, just a few years ago it was very difficult to find another solution to the task, now there was an excellent opportunity to protect your head from the harmful effects of temperature - these are various means with the effect of thermal protection.

And, by the way, there is a fairly widespread and very wrong opinion, they say, it is necessary to solve the problem as it arrives, so the hair will spoil - then I'll think, no, it's wrong and very unreasonable.

Be sure to use this tool.

The problem must be warned, that is, to do everything so as not to bring your hair to the state of "tow". All professionals in one voice argue that thermal protection is always necessary when you are going to use a hair dryer, not to mention different curling irons and ironing, the temperature of which, by the way, should not be more than 130 °, otherwise no means will help, and burnt curls it is already impossible to recover.

In order to choose a good thermal protection for the hair, you need to know some of the nuances of this simple business. So let's get started.

Why spoil hair?

Many do not know how it turns out that the effect of temperature, the hair becomes brittle, dry, dull and very neglected. The fact is that the substance of which the hair mainly consists is keratin protein, which is very unstable to high temperatures and all kinds of heat.

As a result, the upper protective layer, which consists mainly of scales, deteriorate and collapse, they rise and unbend in all directions, releasing valuable moisture from the depths. To prevent this process, there were invented the means that are capable of preserving the health and splendor of your head of hear, in any case, according to most experts of this field.

However, girls and women, as well as to everything new, are wary of such thermal means, their lack of confidence in their effectiveness is quite reasonable, because advertising does not stand still, their eyes diverge, and there is little sense.

Moreover, in spite of the relative youthfulness of these funds, the number and diversity of them is simply amazing, different companies in their line produce two, and then 4-5 varieties, which one to join?

The choice of "their" thermal protection

Thermal protection can have quite a different look and can be sold in different states. For example, it can be represented by means that are applied after washing the head - these are various sprays and mousses, balsams, oils and serums.

There are also options that need to be washed off with water - these are shampoos, conditioners, conditioners or thermal protection masks. Which one is right for you is difficult to determine, because each organism is unique and the fact that it helps someone perfectly can be absolutely inactive in your case.

Be sure to buy a quality product for hair

Therefore, the choice of such a means is a process of trial and error, the only thing that needs to be taken into account is the fact that the lighter and thinner the hair, the more necessary to choose the spectrum of the spectrum - sprays and mousses. But for thick, voluminous and thick hair, it is better to choose masks, oils, creams or balms.

What is so good with these remedies? First of all, thermal protection is able to protect the ironing and curling iron from the harmful effects, as it contains vitamins B and E, as well as natural components that are activated under the influence of temperature, enveloping each hair and not allowing the precious liquid to leave it.

Vitamins nourish and restore the hair, providing them with a healthy glow, some thermal protection products also contain many other beneficial compounds that have a positive effect on hair, prevent the appearance of split ends, and also do a good job of giving the hair volume and special shine.

Many girls are of the opinion that a good tool - it must be expensive, maybe so, but modern professional cosmetics do not always meet the expectations and the stated quality. Sometimes a modest and little-known brand produces a much better product, however, and this is not a panacea, you need to find a middle ground for your hair type.

Overview of Thermal Protective Agents

Mousses and Foams

This tool is most often used for thin and liquid hair, but in principle it is suitable for any type, the main thing is to ensure that the tool does not fall on the hair roots. Usually they write and warn about this on the packaging; also, the mousse cannot be applied on wet curls, as it rolls and will not be able to fully perform its protective functions.


Usually used in complicated cases where the hair is already lifeless and weakened, but it is still subjected to heat treatment. Usually the cream is most suitable for owners of dry and very dry hair, as well as for girls with curly and thick hair.

The sprays

It is best used for depleted and thin hair, it can be applied at any time - and on wet and dry hair. Experts recommend choosing sprays with vitamin A, as well as with panthenol, which contributes not only to protection, but also to filling the hair with moisture and its long-term preservation.

For example, many girls recommend using a spray with thermal protection for hair from Estel, other methods are also good, for example, from Ga.Ma, however, you should remember the golden rule - what suits the majority is not a fact that it is right for you, so try and look for it. When you find the perfect option - do not miss such a tool.

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