How to choose a fur hat

Decide on the fur. If you pick up a hat for a fur coat or fur vest, they should be made of one material, that is, from the fur of one animal. So, the rabbit hat will look ridiculous against the background of a mink coat. Sheepskin hat can be a combination of several materials - fur, suede and tanned leather. Any fur fits to jackets and down-padded coats, the main thing is that it fits in color.
Select the color of the cap. It should be in harmony with the other outerwear and match the complexion. For example, women with pale skin color are not recommended by very light models, but white and light hats look spectacular on dark-haired brunettes. The color of the cap should not absolutely coincide with the color of the coat, it looks a bit boring. It is better to choose a tone that is darker or lighter depending on the type of appearance. If your coat or sheepskin coat has a complicated pattern,hatit is better to choose monophonic.
Choose a model that fits the shape of the face and body.Thin tall women are recommended volumetric hats, they very much adorn the face and add volume to the head. But full chubby women better to stay on less voluminous models or asymmetrical variants, for example, on a cap-beret, dressed on the sidelines. More than any other lucky owners of an oval face, almost all models are suitable for them. Women with large facial features should avoid fashionable earflaps in the new season, it is better to stay on the classic beret.
Selecting the product of the desired model and color, follow the quality of performance. All elements of the cap should be sewn together with strong, solid threads, there should be no glued parts, except appliques and brooches. The seams should not be visible from the outside and should not change the natural shape of the fur, that is, the fur should not be bristled, it should be even and smooth.
Make sure that the fur from which the hat is sewn is of high quality. Good fur is soft, uniform, thick, without bald patches and bald spots. The color of the fur is smooth, except for spots of natural origin. When you inspect a hat, you shouldn’t have any hairs in your hands.This is especially important, because if the fur sheds, very soon there will be nothing left of your hat.
Pay attention to the lining of the caps. It should be soft, with beautiful smooth seams, and made of thick, wear-resistant fabric. If the cap presses you a little, but the seller assures that with time the lining will stretch and sit on you like a glove, it is better not to take this model.

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