How to choose a drill, screwdriver, perforator

The main tool of the peasant at all times was a shovel. Among the home electric tools, the top of the leadership belongs to the drill. Let's talk how best to choose a drill for the house.

With a drill you can drill holes, make mixtures, tighten the nuts. When repairing this tool is indispensable. Previously widely used hand drills. Then came the appliances, working from the mains or battery. It is convenient to work with such a tool, it is compact, lightweight and mobile. The speed and quality is higher than when using the manual version.

Short tips

The market is full of various drills. When you enter a specialty store, your eyes diverge, the counters have a tool from domestic and foreign manufacturers in a huge range.

Decide on the tasks for which you are acquiring a tool. To hang a photo frame or bookshelf on the wallfairly inexpensive model.

  1. Speed ​​controller. Required. Not all domestic models have an element. The regulator is available for models of foreign production.
  2. Boot on the collector. If it is not, dust will enter the housing, which will adversely affect engine operation, bearings may crumble. Anther is the guarantee of durability.
  3. Punch function. A perforator makes holes even in walls made of high-quality concrete.
  4. Powerful cooling system. Protect the tool from overheating, prolong service life.
  5. Additional functions. The regulator of turns, a reverser, a quick-action chuck, a punch.
  6. Ergonomics, design, weight. The handle should fit well in the hand, and the control keys should be positioned as conveniently as possible.
  7. Nozzles. Inserted into the cartridge and solve various problems. "Mixer" stirs paint or putty, "bits" twists screws and screws.

Following the instructions, you will buy a quality and reliable tool with different attachments, which will become your assistant. Dear women, if your men do not have a drill, give it to the New Year.

In the material, I will tell you how to choose a drill for the house, what kinds of drilling tools exist, and where it is profitable to buy them.

Ordinary drill

The class of conventional drilling tools goes down in history. The product is called a drill-screwdriver - drills holes and wraps screws.

  1. Some models have a force regulator that is applied to activate the ratchet.
  2. Advanced options can change the speed of rotation, depending on the force of pressure on the trigger. The cost in most cases does not exceed $ 65.
  3. Contrary to the listed functions, I do not advise buying it. With such a tool, making a hole in a concrete wall is extremely problematic.

Hammer drill

The impact drill has a chuck in which you can install any drill. The design provides an eccentric that causes the drill to vibrate.

  1. Mode switch. The first mode is normal, the second one is shock.
  2. The cost starts from 90 dollars.
  3. Impact drill - the golden mean between the screwdriver and the drill. If you have to fight with high-quality concrete, buy a punch.


The puncher is a large, powerful and versatile drill.

  1. In addition to a decent weight punch has a high cost. Purchase will cost at least $ 120.Quality models cost from $ 200.
  2. A professional hammer drill will replace even a jackhammer. Believe me, you will appreciate it when you have to lay the wiring or remove the old wall covering.
  3. In the impact model, an eccentric is responsible for the forward movements of the cartridge. In the punch - electric compressor.

During the selection, be guided not by the price, but by the tasks to be solved. It’s not worth saving on the purchase of a tool, otherwise you will have to overpay for repairs later.

Choosing a drill-screwdriver

Drill-screwdriver - common tool that is widely used in construction and everyday life.

Before buying, identify the tasks for which you intend to use it. The parameters and selection criteria depend on the tasks.

  1. Battery capacity. The parameter determines the power. The higher the voltage, the greater the weight of the battery. A 12-volt device is suitable for housework. Otherwise, take the 36-volt model.
  2. Rotation frequency. The parameter depends on the operating mode. Slow mode drills large holes, high speed is suitable for small holes.
  3. Torque. The parameter determines the resistance to overcome.
  4. Cartridge. For the house the cartridge with one coupling will approach. For more complex tasks, take a product with two couplings.
  5. Adjusting clutch. Installs torque, protects the nozzles from premature failure.
Video Tips

Rechargeable batteries

  1. Lithium ion. Costly Large capacity, low weight, lack of memory charge, low self-discharge.
  2. Nickel metal hydride. Environmentally friendly. Quickly discharged.
  3. Nickel cadmium.The cheapest. Normally operate at low temperature. Not afraid of the discharge of a large current.
  4. Charger. An old charger charges the battery in 4 hours. Professional options manage for an hour.

Correct choice of impact drill

The main feature of the impact drill is the principle of operation. In addition to rotational movements, the mechanism performs translational blows. The device drills holes in solid material.

Power type

Operate from the mains or battery.

  1. The network drill differs in the small weight and the increased power.
  2. The hammer drill on batteries allows you to work in hard to reach places.Completely eliminates mapping.

Having decided on the power source, concentrate on the power. The more powerful the drill, the higher the cost. If you are going to use for household tasks, buy a model with a capacity of 800 watts.

  1. Speed ​​controller. Adjustment is carried out by pressing the trigger with a different force. There are models with a disk regulator.
  2. Advanced impact drills are equipped with a processor that automatically selects the rotation speed. The speed depends on the diameter of the drill and the type of material.
  3. Reverse. Thanks to this mechanism, the drill can rotate in both directions. The reverse will help to extract the drill when it is stuck in the wall.

Do not buy the most expensive impact drill. Even the most reliable things break down over time.

Video recommendations

How to choose a drill with a punch

The hammer drill is a large drill equipped with a percussion mechanism that forms a blow to the electro-pneumatic or electromagnetic principle. The tool is focused on destructive work with hard materials - stone, brick and concrete.

The functional resembles an electric drill.Many consumers are mistaken, believing that there is no difference between them.

  1. Power. The higher, the thicker the wall will punch. Power depends on the time of the punch without interruptions.
  2. Operating mode. Single-mode, dual-mode, three-mode.
  3. Single mode operation. Focuses on drilling holes in soft material. In this mode, the punch works on the principle of a conventional drill.
  4. Dual mode operation - hammering.
  5. Three-mode work. Provides drilling with shock crushing. The puncher functions by the principle of a jackhammer.
  6. Rotational speed. The parameter determines the number of movements performed by the drill. For drilling a small hole, high speed is suitable, for a large one - a small one.
  7. Impact force. The indicator directly depends on the punch power. If you are going to use the instrument at home, 3 joules are enough.
  8. The weight. The indicator determines the time of work with the tool. Mass is directly dependent on power.

If you can not decide the choice, I recommend buying a medium-sized puncher. It will help in solving a variety of tasks, from drilling to destruction.

The list of basic selection criteria is presented by frequency of use and scope of work. An ordinary tool is perfect for a home workshop. A professional home drill may not be required.

If you are engaged in construction, buy only a professional tool. He will serve for a long time, rarely breaks down and helps to carry out huge amounts of work.

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