How to choose a backpack for a primary school student?

What school accessory is considered one of the most important and necessary? Of course, a backpack! But for the student to be comfortable, parents should make the right choice. This is not as easy as it may seem, because you need to take into account a lot of important criteria.

What to choose?

In total, there are three main types of school bags:

  • Portfolio. With this accessory, our fathers and mothers went to schools, but today it is unpopular. In addition, doctors consider it quite harmful. The fact is that the portfolio is worn either in one hand or on the shoulder, which, firstly, is extremely inconvenient for a small and not very significant primary school pupil, and secondly, it can lead to a curvature of the spine (the load rests only on the one shoulder, which is wrong from a physiological point of view).
  • The backpack, in fact, is a soft bag without a frame on two straps. This accessory is popular among middle and high school students, but it is not very suitable for first graders, as it does not provide adequate support to the back, and its bottom may sag under the weight of textbooks.
  • The knapsack is similar to a backpack, but differs from it in that it has a rigid skeleton. And this is undoubtedly a great advantage. The stiff back supports the spine of a growing baby, and the hard bottom prevents sagging under the weight of the contents. This option is most convenient for primary school students, so the choice is to stop on it.

Important selection criteria

How to choose a school backpack for grades 1-4? It would seem that all the backpacks are very similar. But there are some important criteria that you definitely need to pay attention to. At each stop in detail.

What is the backpack made from?

The material is a very important criterion, since the ease of operation and the service life of the knapsack depend on it. It is advisable to pay attention to synthetic and fairly dense materials.

  • First, they will not get wet in rainy or snowy weather.
  • Secondly, they are more durable.
  • Thirdly, such fabrics are durable.
  • And, fourthly, it is very easy to care for them. Simply wipe the surface regularly with a damp cloth.

Size and weight

Such characteristics as weight and size also matter, and very important.

What should be the size? Too big knapsack will bring discomfort to the student, and too many school supplies will simply not fit in too small. But how to find a middle ground? It's simple. An ideal size backpack should not rest against a child’s nape and put pressure on the lower back.

Ideally, the lower part should be located above the lower back, and the upper - just below the neck. The side parts also should not stand out much and go beyond the shoulders, it will greatly interfere with movements (and they, as you know, are numerous and active).

The weight of the knapsack must comply with sanitary standards. According to them, the pupil should not carry behind his back a mass that exceeds 10% of his own body weight.

And the weight of an empty backpack of a first or second grade pupil without all school supplies should not be more than 0.8-1 kilograms. For students in grades 3-4, this value should not exceed 1-1.5 kilograms. But in any case, lightweight backpack is much more convenient to use.


The body of the backpack should be tough and durable. This will allow, firstly, to avoid injury by sharp corners of objects (if the walls are soft,then they can stand out a lot), secondly, to distribute the load as evenly as possible, thirdly, to protect textbooks and notebooks from crushing and, fourthly, to prevent the knapsack from falling off the desk if the student puts it there.

And special attention should be paid to the bottom. If the walls can be soft, then the bottom must absolutely be rigid. In addition, if the bottom is made of solid material (for example, plastic), then the backpack, if necessary, can be placed on the floor or on the ground, without worrying about possible contamination.


The back should be rigid to ensure a physiologically correct position of the back. But today orthopedic backpacks can be found on sale, and they are considered to be the best, as they help young schoolchildren to maintain their posture and provide full support to the spine, protecting it from diseases such as scoliosis.


This parameter is also one of the most important, since it is the straps that allow the accessory to stick on the body of the child.

Here is what you should pay attention to:

  • Material. It should be pleasant to the touch and smooth, so as not to damage the student's clothes and skin.
  • Softness.Yes, the straps should certainly be soft, for example, having foam inserts. This ensures maximum comfort during wear and protects against pressure and excessive friction.
  • Adjustment. The straps must of course not only be adjusted in length (this will allow you to find the most comfortable position and ensure comfort), but also be fixed in the chosen position, which will prevent slipping.
  • Additional straps, namely breast and waist. They will fix the satchel on the back and reduce the load on the shoulder girdle.

By the way, a handle will be a useful and convenient bonus, for which the backpack can be lifted when moving over short distances.


The clasp should be as simple and convenient as possible so that at any moment you can quickly unbutton your backpack and take everything you need from it, and then also fasten it quickly. It is desirable that the lightning be wide (narrow usually break faster) and have two sliders, at least on the main compartment.

Branches and pockets

In the knapsack there should be at least two large departments, and preferably three: for textbooks, exercise books and other teaching materials.Also a separate department for the pencil case and other accessories is also welcome. And so that the student was comfortable, it is worth buying a satchel with several pockets on the sides and front.

The student will be able to put a mobile phone, keys and other small items into them. But so that nothing is lost, the pockets must be equipped with clasps (for example, on magnetic buttons or stickies).

Design and color

Today you can buy not only comfortable, but also beautiful and fashionable satchels, and the schoolchild will be delighted with the bright model. For example, for a boy, you can choose a backpack with a picture of the machines or characters of popular comics. And girls will definitely appreciate flowers, fairies, various animals and so on. The satchel can be decorated with applications and other interesting and original decorative elements.

As for color, it is desirable to give preference to non-marble and not too bright. The light satchel quickly gets dirty, and the bright one can distract attention from study and annoy.

Additional functions

Some useful features:

  • Reflective tape on the sides. If the student crosses the road at night, such tapes will notify drivers that there are pedestrians on the roadway. The more such elements there are, the better.
  • It will be great if the inside of the case is rubberized, it will protect school supplies from getting wet in heavy rain.
  • Grid on the back. It is not needed for beauty at all, but so that the student’s back does not touch the knapsack and sweat. In addition, the grid will protect against slipping.

How and where to buy?

Buying a backpack is best in a specialty store or department. Yes, you can buy such an accessory on the market, but will it be of high quality and convenient? Hardly!

Before buying it is important to carry out a fitting. Let the child put on a backpack, be like in it, try to put something in it, unzip it and fasten all fasteners. You should buy the satchel, which will seem to the young student the most convenient.

Let your student be comfortable with your chosen backpack!

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