How to care for problem skin of the back

It's spring already! Soon you can sunbathe and wear open clothes, so it's time to think about the beauty of the back. We will prepare in a complex way - we will think not only about the relief of the muscles of the back, but also about the beauty of her skin.


If your back is covered with acne, you hardly want to open it to strangers at the beach or, especially, shine at a party in a dress with bare shoulders, because even the beauty of the forms or the many hours of training will not be so attractive without well-groomed smooth skin.


Consider a common problem such as lack of cleansing and improper skin care, as a result of which the skin takes on an unpresentable appearance.

What to do if the skin of the back is far from ideal?


Daily action plan:


In the morning and in the evening, clean the skin of the back - wash it with special products designed for oily skin and designed, cleansing,at the same time, to disinfect and soothe the skin with inflammations (these can be, for example, shower gels, which include tea tree oil or tar).


After a shower, wipe the skin with a disinfectant tonic. Inflammations can be applied dot tea tree oil. Use a light cream with a light consistency.


Weekly action plan:


If there is no open inflammation or abscess on the skin, use a peeling or soft scrub containing fine particles. Do not use hard scrubs with sharp abrasive particles, because they can injure the skin and, having opened fresh boils, spread the infection all over the back.


Very useful clay masks for weekly cleansing the skin of the back. They cleanse and renew skin well, normalize the function of the sebaceous glands, and have an antiseptic effect. Choose the clay that best suits your skin type and needs. Apply a clay mask for about 20 minutes, then it can be washed off with warm water, easily massaging the skin.


After peeling and masks, do not forget to wipe the skin with a tonic and apply a soothing cream (for example, with aloe content).


Good to know:

If inflammations are in the active stage, you should not take a bath or go to the bath. Try to get rid of the habit of crushing acne. As a rule, this is the cause of the appearance of new rashes. If you still can not resist, be sure to wipe the places that you touch, some antiseptic. Avoid aggressive products containing alcohol.


Try to wear clothes made of natural fabrics, not too adjacent to the body. Tight-fitting synthetic clothing provokes excessive sweating and does not allow the skin to breathe freely, as a result of which the pores quickly become clogged and sebum blocked by narrow clothing creates a favorable environment for the development of bacteria and the appearance of new inflammation.


If you want to take a bath, you can do this in the absence of active inflammations by adding coniferous extract or sea salt to water. Do not add to the bath products with a high content of oils.


The most important thing in the care - regularity. By following these tips, you can see the result in a month, because approximately in this period, the skin will be renewed (the skin is renewed faster at a young age, with age the rate of its renewal slows down) and the results of your work will become noticeable. Care for your skin and be beautiful!

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