How to buy a sofa of your dreams

Buying a sofa is a serious decision, and its implementation must be approached responsibly. To be satisfied with the purchase, you need to take into account all the details and nuances. Not unimportant factor when choosing this piece of furniture is its price. It depends on the characteristics of the sofa itself, and on its manufacturer. Most of the cost depends on the upholstery fabric. Most often, manufacturers put on it most of the cost of furniture. In addition, the sofas with upholstery from the trendy colors in this season are 10-15 percent more expensive than their "not fashionable comrades."

So, when choosing a sofa, you first need to decide how it will be used. Will he just stand in the living room or actively used as a berth. It is also necessary to take into account the presence of small children or pets in the house.

Choose a folding mechanism. They exist in three main types: book, folding bed and pull-out (withdrawable). Book - the most common mechanism.It is a process of lowering the back and thus getting a bed. The main disadvantage of this model is the impossibility of the sofa close to the wall or the need to constantly move it. The clamshell is not intended for daily use as a bed. Its use is not convenient and rather heavy. This mechanism may simply break from daily unfolding. The best option can be called sliding mechanisms. "Puma", "dolphin" - the most common options, they allow you to put the sofa close to the wall and can be used daily.

If you decide to buy a sofa, then special attention should be paid to the build quality and frame. The most common version of the frame is a combination of metal wooden parts. Sometimes chipboard is used, when buying such a sofa, the ends should be treated with special compounds that prevent the release of harmful substances. All-metal frames are durable, but too heavy, which prevents their spread.

When choosing a sofa must take into account all the details.In the store you need to sit on the sofa, choose the most comfortable for you personally. If you are going to use the sofa as a bed, then you can lie down on it. You need to make sure that there are no differences in the height of the bed. Quality furniture should be carefully assembled, not have traces of glue, sticking out seams. By the way, it is possible to purchase such products without leaving your home. For example, looking at the store "Polycate".

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