How to buy a high-quality mink coat in 2018

You will need
When you come to the store, select the models you like and start trying them on. Awaken in each fur coat for at least 3 minutes. This length of time will allow you to determine whether the coat is suitable for you or not.
Pay attention to the fur. It should shine, and to the touch to be silky. Run your hand over the fur coat against the nap. There shouldn't be any fluff or hairs in your palm.
Then wrinkle the fur. On a quality product, it should quickly straighten out.
If the coat is dyed, check the quality of the paint. Take a white handkerchief or any cotton fabric and squeeze the fur. The fabric should not be stained.
If the mink has a natural color, pay attention to the fact that it does not have faded areas or rust.
Examine the surface of the fur. It should be whole, without bald patches. If you notice uneven areas or drops, these are most likely animal teeth marks. Such defects are considered marriage.In this case, discard this product or request a discount for purchasing a low-quality product.
Now check out the inside out. Wrench outfur coatand carefully inspect the quality of seams and threads. If you notice glue instead of seams, do not buy this model. The lining of good fur coats is not stitched. This is considered a sign of high quality, since, by raising it, you can see the core.
Evaluate the mezdra. If the lining is stitched, ask to unzip the edge of the fabric. If the sellers have nothing to hide, they will fulfill your request. Properly trimmed skin should be soft, supple and free from damage. If the lower layer of the skin is yellow and cracked, it means that you have old and dried fur. In no case do not buy thisfur coat.
Keep in mind that buying minkfur coatonly needed in the store. No market will give you a guarantee on the fur product. Moreover, deciding to return the poor quality goods, you risk not finding the seller in its place.
Buyingfur coat, do not forget to take the check and warranty card. These documents will give you the right to return or exchangefur coat, if in the process of socks found a marriage.

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