How to breed for sex?

How to breed for sex?

How to breed for sex?

Nature assigns sex to a very important place in the daily life of people. In addition, the instinct of self-preservation is one of the basic human instincts. In addition, during sexual intercourse in the human body is the production of endorphins - hormones of joy, favorably affecting the body as a whole. And, therefore, to be aware of how to divorce a girl for sex, is simply vital - at least for your health.

What is arousal?

To understand how to dissolve a girl for sex, you first need to figure out for what reason and how the sexual desire is formed in the human body.

Sexual attraction is a change in the hormonal background of the human body, which occurs under the influence of certain sexual stimuli. When excited, both male and female organisms are able to produce sex hormones - estrogen and testosterone. When these hormones enter the blood, a person begins to feel excited.As a result, there is a surge of blood to the genitals and the production of adrenaline. Pupil dilation occurs. In men, this is manifested in the fact that they have an erection, and in women, an erection of the nipples is observed and the vagina is moistened. You can also find out how women end up.

It turns out that before you divorce a woman for sex, you need to know about the manifestation of these signs in her, and only then make sure that they appear.

"Pick-up rules" or neurolinguistic programming

Man learned to control not only animals and vehicles, but also his own kind of beings. Having knowledge of the psychology of women and men, you can quite simply learn how to separate a guy for sex or a girl. Here are some basic rules on how to shoot a girl.

  • You need to be sure of yourself. By nature, all women are females. And they are subconsciously looking for a male - powerful, strong and confident. And if in the conditions of the wild nature it is shown with the help of fluffed feathers and fights with the rest of the males, then there is no need for man to do so. It is enough just to demonstrate your self-confidence.The girl will logically immediately think that confidence has some kind of justification. So, you managed to really achieve something, since you behave like this. And even if this is not true, the main thing is to demonstrate your confidence. This will be enough if you think about how to get a chick to have sex for one night.
  • You must be gallant and courteous. After all, the time has come for the marriage games. Everyone imagines how the male cares for his female? They simply do not give females a passage, they completely surround them with care and attention. It is also necessary to do with a woman. Try to shower it with a mass of compliments, try to remember all the rules of etiquette, which you have ever heard. Open all the doors in front of her, help move the chair back - all this will arrange a woman for you and help you gain her confidence.
  • Try to look directly into the eyes of a woman. From direct visual contact, goose bumps can run on anyone. Moreover, when you look into your eyes, you show how attentively you listen to your interlocutor, and therefore you really attach importance to what he says.From this would be nice to any woman. Especially through chur candid views will unambiguously make it clear what you want. In this case, you will not break the rules of decency, without saying a word about sex. However, the meaning will be conveyed. So with a direct look, you will kill two hares with one bullet.
  • Try to use aperitifs and aphrodisiacs. Aperitifs are relaxation aids. As an aperitif, you can use alcohol, hookah, you can even use some kind of narcotic substance, if a woman is not against it. And aphrodisiacs are a means of stimulating sexual arousal. In addition to chemicals of chemical origin, which are harmful to health, there are also natural aphrodisiacs, for example, pomegranate juice, wormwood (which is present in absinthe), tomatoes, cucumbers, young asparagus shoots.

Married sex

If you have an idea how to divorce your wife for sex, in this case you need to choose a slightly different tactic. Usually, family relationships in general, and sexual relationships in particular, can fall apart for the reason that a man stops caring for a woman in the way he did in the early days of dating.Try to create an atmosphere of romance, cook dinner with lighted candles, apply the natural aphrodisiacs described above. Start to look after your wife, tell her a few compliments - and she, of course, succumbs to you. After all, who else but you best knows everything about your wife? Perhaps she likes it better when you act assertively. Start pestering her in unusual places - on the balcony or in the kitchen. Organize the prelude, caressing her erogenous place, and she will not be able to give you a refusal.

Anal sex

Before you try to breed for anal sex, try to think carefully if you really want it. Unlike regular intercourse, anal sex requires painstaking preparation. Without preparation, anal sex can be unpleasant for both partners, and simply unhygienic.
Read the articles about anal sex on the Internet and try to weigh all the pros and cons, in order to understand that it is still necessary for you.
If you still made a decision, then you should incline your girl slowly and gradually, so that it is prepared in advance for him.The fact is that in the rectum there are a large number of nerve endings, which can make the process much more pleasant. After all, even Sigmund Freud wrote that there is an anal stage of sexual development and pleasant sensations in the anus.

Removal rules for girls

  1. Women usually do not need to make a large amount of effort in order to separate a guy for sex.
  2. Men "love the eyes." Mini-skirts and large cleavage will help you with this.
  3. Eye contact that tells you about your sexual intentions.
  4. Display of erogenous zones. Show your wrists, neck, ankles and knees - they have been considered erogenous places and intimate parts of the body since ancient times.
  5. Flirt and facial expressions. Shoot your eyes, bite and lick your lips, thus attracting attention to them.

In fact, it is not difficult to dissolve anyone for sex. It is much more difficult to “dissolve” a partner for warm and long-term relationships.

I wish you happiness, patience and love!

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