How to block a sim card

In case of loss of the phone or for any other reasons, it may be necessary to block the SIM card. How to deactivate cards of different mobile operators, we will tell in this article.

How to block a SIM card on MTS

How to block a sim cardYou can deactivate the SIM card in three ways:

  1. The first method involves the use of the Internet. Go to the website of the MTS Internet Assistant at On the page that appears, you will see the fields in which you should enter your mobile number and password. After that, a menu will open up where you will need to find the “Number lock” option. It should be noted that the password to log into the Internet Assistant must be set in advance. To do this, dial the combination * 111 * 25 # on the keyboard of your mobile device, press the call button and carefully follow all instructions.
  2. You can block the MTS SIM card without the help of the Internet. To do this, you need a phone with another SIM card of the same operator. Dial the short number 0890, and when the consultant comes in contact, explain to him the purpose of your call and the reason for deactivating the card.An employee of the company will ask for your passport data and, having processed the application, will block the SIM card. Instead of mobile, you can also use a landline phone by calling 8 800 333 08 90.
  3. The third way to deactivate a SIM card is a personal appeal to an employee of the MTS mobile phone salon. Find the address most convenient for you on the company's website, take your passport with you and go to the MTS office. Having processed your application, the card will be quickly blocked.

How to block the SIM card of the MegaFon operator

How to block a sim cardYou can deactivate a MegaFon SIM card using the same three methods described above. To begin, consider how to block the card via the Internet:

  1. Log on to the official website of MegaFon, in the upper left corner you will see a menu. Specify in which branch and region your number was registered.
  2. At the top right you will find a link to the System Service Guide. On the next page, indicate the number of your card in the appropriate fields, as well as the password. Please note that you can get a password only by registering in the Service Guide in advance. Dial on your cell phone the combination * 105 * 00 # and, pressing the call button, wait a few seconds.After that, you will receive a message with a 6-digit number, which is the password for logging in. Instead of this password, you can specify the PUK-1 code that is registered on your startup package.
  3. So, once on the “Service Guide” page, in the left column, find the option “Services and Tariff”. Among the opened submenu, locate the item “Number lock”.
  4. In the corresponding field, enter the date from which your SIM card will be blocked. By default, the deactivation period lasts 60 days, but if you want to shorten this time, mark the unblocking date in the corresponding window. Please note that MegaFon provides a deactivation service for Sims on a fee basis.

Another simple and effective way to block a MegaFon SIM card is to call the call center operator. You can contact him from both landline and mobile phones. In the first case, you will need to dial 8-800-333-05-00, and in the second case you need to use another MegaFon card and call the short number 0500. Having explained to the employee of the company the purpose of the call and the reason for blocking the card, and also providing passport data and answering For some questions, you deactivate SIM card MegaFon.

You can talk with a representative of the cellular company in person by contacting the communications salon with your passport.Within a few minutes, the consultant will block your SIM card.

How to deactivate Simka Beeline

How to block a sim cardWe describe 3 simple and accessible ways to deactivate a number for the Beeline operator:

  1. Find a phone with another SIM card of this cellular company and dial the short number 0611. From a fixed device you can call 8 800 700 0611. Following the instructions of the mobile consultant, deactivate the card yourself or wait for the operator to answer. An employee of the company will accept your application, ask some questions and block Simka Beeline.
  2. If you have free time, contact the Beeline communication salon and talk with a consultant. Having found out the reason for blocking the number, as well as checking your passport data, a company employee deactivates the SIM card in a few minutes.
  3. You can lock your SIM with the help of the Internet. On the official website of the company enter your personal account and find the corresponding item in the menu on the page. Please note that the login for logging in is your phone number, and the password from the personal cabinet is sent to the mobile as SMS. So if you do not have access to a cellular device, then using this method will be problematic.

SIM card lock Tele2

Deactivating a Tele2 card is easiest by phone.Dial the number 611 from your mobile device and wait for communication with the call center operator. The consultant, who is on the line, will ask you to voice passport data, and also to name the code word set by the subscriber when the number is activated. In some cases, you may need information about the PUK code indicated on your Tele2 starter packet.

You can also block a SIM card in a specialized customer service center. There you can not only deactivate the previous number, but also get a duplicate of the SIM card, if necessary. The money you spend on the purchase of a new card will be credited to the balance of your phone.

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