How to become the "soul of the community" at work

How to become "the soul of society" at workHow to become the “soul of society” at work. How to find a common language with colleagues.

We all appreciate people with whom it is easy and pleasant to work with, and avoid those who work with whom, to put it mildly, is not enjoyable. Sooner or later you will probably wonder why it is more difficult to work with some employees than with others. Knowledge of psychology makes it possible to answer this question, but it rarely helps to work with such employees. It takes patience, respect for the opinions of others and discretion. Simply put, you can not do without good manners! Thanks to them, you can become a "soul" "positive element" of your environment and will work effectively, even when the situation becomes tense, your colleagues are not too inclined to cooperation and mutual assistance, and some of your employees behave simply defiantly. Useful tips for all occasions will help to understand.


There are many ways to annoy colleagues and comrades at work, but the ways to establish good relations are just as good!


The main element of business etiquette is respect for others.This means, above all, respect for the rights of other people (in particular, the right to the inviolability of their “niche” - the workplace). Remember that each person deserves attention and respect.


Personality types



A polite person feels and understands the differences in personality types and actively applies this knowledge. We are all very different. Observe the behavior of your colleagues, and Sami will notice. Agree with the right of everyone to be himself - this is the easiest way to achieve harmony. Here are some of the most common personality types you meet at work.


An employee who aspires to do everything himself. He does not trust anyone and wants to do everything on his own. It is easy to recognize him by the intolerable attitude towards others, by the non-acceptance of the solutions proposed by colleagues, by the indomitable desire to take on the solution of an ever-increasing number of tasks.


Ambitious.He is constantly required to “feed” in the form of public recognition of his merits. He is distinguished by a passion for self-promotion and stories about his own achievements (or the achievements of the group he leads). He is attacked by the blues, when his merits do not receive public recognition (preferably regular).


ObsessedHe seeks to do everything "right". He eagerly absorbs information and is often unsociable.As a rule, such people are workaholics, but they do not like to make decisions because they are afraid to make a mistake.


Conflict-free.He seeks to achieve universal peace and harmony and is not inclined to make hasty decisions. He willingly makes a compromise, always willing to sympathize with his neighbor, support him. He likes to work with others, but do not expect him to take initiatives.


Communicative.Such a person likes it when everyone is having fun. He loves to be the center of attention, chat with friends, to bring pleasure to all. Despite the fact that their productivity leaves much to be desired (since their working time is spent on communication), such workers are very valuable because they increase the motivation of their colleagues.


Purposeful.He can't stand postponing the case. He easily makes decisions, even in conditions of lack of information. If he occupies a management position, he constantly drives his subordinates. As a rule, a purposeful worker does not tolerate discussions that seem to him meaningless and useless.


In their pure form, these types are rare, most often in a person several types are combined with the predominance of one.Understand your colleagues - the personal characteristics of each may be useful in a given situation. Do you need a quick fix? Contact your goal-directed worker. Need to form a team to implement the project? You will help conflict-free. Urgently need to compile a report? Better "obsessed" is not found. Now you know how to become the “soul of society” at work and get mutual benefit.

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