How to become a fairy now

Currently, there are so many cartoons about the Winx fairies, after watching them, many girls are thinking about the question of how to become a real fairy. All the girls want to fly over the world, to possess great power, and at the same time be so small and beautiful. On the Internet there is information about how to become a fairy, I gathered it in this article and I want to share with you, my little readers. And before that we already told how to become a mermaid.

How to become a fairy now

The content of the article

How to become a fairy for real

The first way. You need to write about your desire on a piece of paper. Write about what you want to become a fairy, but that's not all, you need to specifically indicate which fairy you want to become (for example, a fairy of nature, water or all the powers ...). Then drink a glass of water, and throw this paper into an open window, as long as it flies as far as possible. Then you should go to bed and fall asleep. When you wake up, you will be a fairy.

How to become a fairy at home

The second, no less good way. You need to dial in a bowl of cool water, take a certain color of paper (if it is a fairy of love, then red; for a fairy of nature - green, etc.) and prepare a mirror and a candle.Cut a heart out of red paper, a maple leaf out of a green paper, a wave out of a blue one, it depends on what kind of fairy you want to become. Then it is necessary to set fire to the edge of the paper of the lit candles. Put paper in the water and reflect it in the mirror. Then, you need to look in the mirror and say: “I want to become a fairy!”, These words need to be repeated three times, clearly and clearly.

How to become a fairy now

The third way to become a true fairy

Put ice in a large cup, wait for it to melt. Then put your hand in this icy water and do not take out a minute or two, close your eyes and imagine how you turn into a fairy that has a certain power (which one - only you can choose).

Take your hand out of the water and shampoo it with shampoo. Immediately after this, wash it off with water in which you held your hand before that. Then rub your hand against each other for two to three minutes. After that, in a few days you will become a fairy.

How to become a fairy in real life - the fourth method

You need to take a bottle that used to have perfume or scented water. Fill this bottle with water, to which you have added 3 pinches of salt, 3 pinches of sugar and a tablespoon of liquid soap.Then put this bottle on the windowsill for two weeks.

Then once a day you need to "breathe" yourself with this water from the bottle, while you must mentally imagine how you turn into a cute fairy. After a certain number of days, your wish will come true!


How to turn into a fairy forever. The fifth way.

This should be done only with a full moon. Wait until there is a full moon. You should have a glass with water and a piece of paper. On the sheet you need to write what kind of fairy you want to become. Then you need to go to the open window and then the moon will be reflected in the glass, then release your piece of paper with the desire into a glass and pour the water contained in the glass over yourself. And now, you have become a fairy.

The Sixth and Most Faithful Way to Become a Fairy in Life

To become a fairy without a full moon, you can ask this from the fairies themselves, let them give you this magic power. To do this, you need to call these beautiful creatures. If you want to become a fairy of fire, then sit down and a bonfire, if the fairy of water is at the lake, if the fairy of the moon, look at the moon, only the full one (this is a mandatory condition).

Then quietly call the fairy you want to see (for example: “Fairy of Water, come to me!”). When you feel a light breeze, or chill, or the fluttering of their wings, it means that the fairy has come to you, you can ask her for the desired strength. Just be sure to tell the fairy that you will use this power only for good purposes, if you do not say it, it will not give you strength, and your desire will not be fulfilled. After that just go home, and go to bed, the next day you wake up fairy with wings and magic power.

The seventh way to become a fairy of all strength

Take the toothpaste and spread this finger with the index finger. Pasta should be held on the fingers for 45 minutes, then wash it with water. Say out loud: “I am a fairy,” and repeat this phrase no less than five times. After half an hour you will hear the voices of the fairies - ask to give you wonderful power, but you need to ask politely, only then will they agree. Go to bed, and if you wake up at night, you will see that your desire is fulfilled - you have become a fairy with wings.


The eighth way to turn into a fairy

You need to be alone at home, so that nothing distracts you from this important process. Close your eyes and repeat three times: “I'm a fairy,” then clap your hands when you raise your arms above your head.So you need to do every day for a long time, and then, perhaps, after a while you will become a fairy.

Tenth, last, easiest way to become a fairy

You have to convince yourself that you are a fairy. Believe it with all your heart. You need to learn how to find magic in the most ordinary, everyday things. Give positive to everyone around you. Smile, speak kind words, support in difficult times - these are the things that people who surround you need. If you want to become a real fairy, you must first learn how to do it. To do this, you do not need to perform any magic rituals - everything depends on you, you can become a fairy without wings right now, if you pleasantly surprise the people around you.

I think with the help of this article and our useful tips, you learned how to become a real fairy right now and begin to bring good and benefit to people. Good luck!

If you managed to easily become a fairy by day or at full moon, write to us about your proven method, it would be interesting to learn about such a transformation.

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