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How to be an ordinary woman?

Lolita tips, of course, are good, but not all are as strong as she. Yes, and living in the provinces, on a small salary, you cannot spoil the femme fatale especially ... Therefore, we live with unloved and imperfect husbands, we tolerate it. One is still worse. Lolita has a line of men, and an ordinary woman has to put her pride in her pocket in order not to be left alone in her old age.

Irina Semenovna, 52 years old, Lipetsk


Dear Irina Semyonovna, Milyavskaya Lolita, 53, replies to you, who never had a queue of men and who, in her youth, dreamed of her secretly. She did not stand for the reason that not everyone could afford the burden in the form of a woman who does not want to live uncomfortable, but to develop, read books, participate in disputes, improve herself in work. Therefore, I handed over bottles when they were taken, smoked cigarette butts, earning stomatitis, because there was no money for cigarettes. Consider that the chances were originally equal with us. They are simply called poverty. I had to reject several offers that could make my life secured, because having slept with an unloved person at least once, I want to go to the shower and wash for a long time.True, I tried once, on the basis of what I decided: let me whine, that it’s hard for me, that I don’t have anyone around (it was in certain years of my life), but I will suffer because I hope to earn a reward from God. Then I came to the conclusion that it was not necessary to ask God for anything: neither a man, nor a career, nor health. We need to talk to him at 4 am and ask for what he himself considers necessary, including tests. As a result, I realized that the tests that were given, which passed with tears into the pillow, as it seemed to me with wounds to my heart, led me to a normal human life. And today there is nothing that can be called unsuccessful. Although this is the usual female life in which I respect myself. I wish you very much, although it is unlikely that you will do it, judging by your tone, just to start developing, then you will understand what it means to wear shoes that are not in size. With swollen legs you will not go far. Behind this, I bow out and recall: 53 years old, Milyavskaya.

: By the way, I noticed that the largest line of men is among alcoholics, but you could hardly have liked this.

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Lolita, you answer questions very well, so wisely that I want to tell you bravo

a guest21.07.17 15:07

Lolita, admire you!

Great answer, Lolita! And your story struck me, did not know such details. I am glad that your perseverance, faith and hope were nevertheless rewarded. You certainly deserve it.

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