How to attach a veranda to the house

For a wooden house, the best option in terms of price, labor and quality will be a frame extension made of a chopping block or tesa. It is built quickly, does not shrink, well combined with the main building. To attach a veranda to a house of 3x7 m, you will need 2.5-2.8 m3 of a cut-out six-meter plank (50x150 mm), bars of 50x50 mm - 36-40 meters, a beam of 150x100 mm - 1 m3, business slab on the ceiling - 1, 5-2 m3, uncut edging on the roof sheathing - 0.5 m3, edged to the walls of the veranda - 1 m3.

Initially, under the veranda mount the foundation. Material consumption on the foundation - PGS 3.5 tons, cement 6-7 bags. The markings of the future veranda are made, a trench is dug around the perimeter, 20-25 cm deep, and it is poured with concrete. Then they drive in pegs, tighten the cord, adjusting the height with the help of a level, set the formwork and pour the solution flush with the main foundation. It is allowed to harden, it takes 2-3 days.

A waterproofing is laid on the foundation; roofing material is suitable for this purpose; a binding is made of a bar.Further along the perimeter they put up racks of timber, make the upper trim, lay the ceiling of slab and proceed to the installation of the roof. Old roofing material is removed, install a truss system, depending on the type of roof, using the block. Then they make a crate, lay the roofing material, fix the skates. The seat of the ridge to the roof glue sealant, hem the eaves.

At the final stage of the construction of the veranda, the walls are assembled from cut timber, the ceiling is hemmed with wood or gypsum plasterboard, the floor is laid, the door and window are installed, and the interior of the veranda is finished.

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