How to arrange a beach party?

Each person perceives rest at the sea in his own way, someone likes to lie on a warm sand all day long, turning from side to side, and someone likes active and intense rest, which is accompanied by noisy outings and beach parties. And do not necessarily wait, when they organize such an event, you can take everything in your hands and create a holiday yourself.

Beach parties do not necessarily have to be subordinated to the summer season and the sea beach, they can also be held at home, coinciding with a certain date or event. After all, the scenario of such a party is ideal not only for ordinary entertainment with friends, but even for weddings and the New Year, most importantly, it would be a fantasy.

Of course, the key to the program of such a venture is water, therefore, if the party is not held on the beach or on the shore of a reservoir, it is better, for example, to remove the pool, especially if you have a large company.

How to organize?

First of all, you need to decide on how many guests you are counting on and how you will notify them about the upcoming event.


The easiest, but also the most banal, way is to inform everyone by phone about a beach party. All the details and subtleties can be discussed quickly and simply, but is it so interesting?

The most painstaking and laborious way is to make individual invitation for everyone, which can be handed in personally, or sent by mail.

I wonder if it will be made in the form of some kind of sea symbol, for example, a shell or a starfish. It is not necessary to draw by hand, it will be enough to print the template from the Internet and sign it with your own hand for each of the guests.

Such invitations are original, so they can even be kept in memory of a fun party.

And the last, the most progressive way, to take advantage of social networks, where, by creating a special page, it will be possible to conduct a variety of polls, discussions, and, of course, to notify each and every one about the time and place of the beach party. By the way about the place.

Where to spend?

The next thing is to choose a place where the whole action will take place. The ideal option is a wild beach by the sea, where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and not disturb the people around you.

A good option is also the banks of rivers and lakes, in general, those places where there is water. Before you assign the exact place, it is better to go there beforehand to make sure that the planned event is clean and possible.

After all, I don’t really want to spend half a day before the party in the garbage collection and empty bottles that could have been left by irresponsible citizens before you.

Usually, a group of enthusiastic organizers is assembled on the day before the party, who are accepted to improve the territory. Now we are talking about decor and handy attributes that are very useful for a successful beach party.

Decor and mood

In order for a beach party to succeed, you need to set the right tone and mood. This is achieved through a clockwork atmosphere, which is directly dependent on the surrounding things.

For a beach party, decorative fishing nets, deck chairs, beach umbrellas and a sea of ​​flowers are perfect. You can use artificial or fresh flowers, the shades of which should remind you of summer and sea.

In a convenient place, a bar is built, which can be decorated with reeds or reeds, which will give the structure a hut.Drinks will be served there, or it is possible to place juices and alcohol in this place, so that guests invent cocktails on their own.

There must be places for rest, if it is not chaise-longues, then large beach towels and blankets are perfect, so that there is, where to sit, after active competitions. Do not forget about the tables where snacks and treats for guests will be located.

By the way, musical accompaniment is also a good helper in creating a special atmosphere.

Music for the beach party should be lively and mischievous, which will stimulate an active pastime, fun and good mood. In this case, perfect Latin American motives, or the popular hits of this season. You can invite a musician who himself will make you a musical program of the evening.

Dress code at the party

Hardly any of your guests will guess to dress up in an official costume or evening dress, but in the invitation it is better to indicate that a certain dress code will be observed at the party.

Beach party outfits are simple and comfortable.For women, a favorite bathing suit will suit, in which you can easily show off your figure, the image can be complemented by a pareo or a light skirt. Shoes should be as comfortable as possible - shale or sandals on a flat sole. Men can get by with bright shorts and shirts that resemble Hawaiian shirts.

By the way, it is better to leave various styling and bright make-up for other celebrations, and loose hair and light makeup, preferably waterproof, are suitable for a beach party, after all, what a beach party without bathing and water.

Do not forget that beach parties usually last for an entire night, so it's better to take care of warm clothes that you can change into at night, for example, jeans and sweatshirts.

What to cook?

The beach party menu should be adjusted and tailored to your personal taste preferences, so that each guest has something to enjoy.

But it is better if the table will decorate products that are associated with summer and sea, that is, you can include fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, different greens, pay special attention to the mineral water and juices.

By the way, what beach party without bonfire? Prepare foods that can be roasted on the spot, it will be great fun, which will also be able to quench your appetite. You can fry vegetables, fish and even bread; meat lovers may also be found, so it’s better to discuss these issues with guests in advance.

And, of course, do not forget about contests and entertainment, so that the party on the beach was active and fun. For games are perfect - volleyball, badminton or just a ball game.

An important part of any party is dancing, so as to stir up guests you can come up with contests such as "the best dancer of the evening" or "the best sexual dance". When everyone is tired, card games by the fire, singing with a guitar and funny stories can come up.

Have fun with all your heart and enjoy the magnificent summer.

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