How to activate the iPad?

It’s hard to imagine what the world would be like without a company called Apple. Perhaps someone has taken on difficult commitments and created interesting products, thus setting an example of how to conduct business and in which direction to develop. However, perhaps, only Apple can so surprise and, in part, “zombie” people. And it seems the secret is simple, normally do it - it will be normal, but only a few succeed, and the team from Cupertino is just honing their skills. Year after year, Apple supplies us with novelties and makes from this truly a show that a great many people want to see.

Following the release of the iPhone and iPod Touch, which caused delight around the world and set a new stage in the development of electronic devices. But Apple would not have been Apple if it stopped there, and in 2010 it decided to surprise everyone again and to direct the vector of development of the industry towards tablets. Every year the tablets were bought up more and more willingly, the number of sold copies was rapidly growing, however, more and more people had a question related to the “apple” novelty, how to activate the iPad?

Preparation for activation

First of all, in addition to the iPad, we need a computer with Internet access. And it does not matter if your personal computer is a computer or someone else’s. When activated, it does not matter. So, the first thing we need is the iTunes program installed on the computer. If there is none, then you can easily find it on the Apple website. It's simple:

  • Download the installation file
  • install by following the directions and prompts
  • after the installation is complete, you will need to restart the computer
  • use iTunes

Briefly about the purpose of iTunes. Figuratively speaking, iTunes is the bridge that connects the computer with your device. Thanks to him, you can download music, games and applications, movies and much more from your computer, but to do this you need to transfer all the necessary content first to iTunes, and only then to the device itself.


So, we are entering the final stretch, namely, directly to the answer to the question of how to activate the iPad.

Putting together all that we need:

  • Sure, the iPad itself.
  • USB cable that lay in the box with the iPad.
  • And a computer with an internet connection.

It now remains to put everything together and complete the job, so:

  • Take the USB cable and gently connect one end to the iPad, and the other to the computer. Difficulties should not arise and confuse the ends is quite difficult. The cable is inserted more than easily, so if it does not work, then you should not use excess force.
  • Then, if the iPad does not turn on itself, then turn it on manually. To do this, hold down the Power button on the top face of the iPad until an “apple” appears on the screen.
  • After a few seconds, the iPad will turn on, and iTunes will automatically start on the computer and, accordingly, the iPad will be activated.
  • Further on the screen of your device you will be asked to perform the initial setup. Everything is simple and intuitive.
  • To top it off, the iPad will be initially synchronized.

Now you know how to activate the iPad and you can always come to the aid of your friends and acquaintances if they have difficulties in mastering this device. I hope that everything was clear and interesting.

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