How to act with appendicitis

The main symptom of appendicitis is severe abdominal pain. It can begin slowly or abruptly, be tolerant or painful, even the center of sensations will not necessarily be located strictly to the right. The inflamed process is sometimes displaced in the human body to the liver, sometimes descends to the lower pelvic region, sometimes wrapped and “hidden” behind other organs.

That is why appendicitis is easily confused with the problems of the appendages, the bladder, even the attack of radiculitis. And it is extremely dangerous to relax if the pain begins to subside. This may mean an even more dangerous situation - peritonitis. In addition, the inflammation of the appendix gives itself nausea, vomiting, fever and blood pressure. Anyway, the first step for abdominal pain is a call to an ambulance.

While the doctors are rushing to help, you can lie down and try to diagnose the problem yourself. To do this, it is enough to take the position of the embryo - on the right side to tighten the legs.If the sensations have become quieter - most likely, this is really a problem with the appendix. But you can not palpate, knock and pin down the abdominal area: there is a risk of crushing the sore process.

Do not take painkillers, antispasmodics or other drugs before the arrival of doctors. Their action will smear the picture of what is happening, and it will become more difficult for a specialist to make a diagnosis. It is also impossible to warm a sore spot or apply ice to it. If you want to release the intestines - you should visit the restroom, because during an emergency operation there will be no time for an enema.

When ambulance workers offer hospitalization, you need to take along a passport, a medical insurance policy and a bit of cash in case the alarm turns out to be false. After all, home to get on their own. But an expensive phone, a set of changeable clothes, etc. should be left at home.

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