How often can you do an ultrasound during pregnancy?

Galina Atakhanova
Galina Atakhanova
July 9, 2014
How often can you do an ultrasound during pregnancy?

How often can - and is it worth - doing an ultrasound during pregnancy? Is this examination always necessary? Is it harmful? These questions concern many women preparing to become mothers. Ultrasound diagnosis is necessary in order to monitor the course of pregnancy, child development, blood circulation in the placenta. The information content, accessibility and safety of this method allowed to expand diagnostic opportunities in obstetrics and to preserve the health of many mothers and their newborn children.

When and why do ultrasound during pregnancy?

Nowadays, a planned ultrasound is performed three times during the entire pregnancy - once every trimester. These periods of pregnancy were not chosen randomly: each study at a certain stage of fetal development helps to identify possible congenital anomalies.

The first ultrasound is performed for a period of 11-13 weeks, and if an ectopic pregnancy is suspected - even earlier.At this time, you can determine whether the fetus is in the uterus or outside of it, listen to the heartbeat (fixed at 6 weeks), detect gross defects of development (eg, deformities), check how the size of the fetus corresponds to the gestation period.

In the second trimester (week 21-24), an extensive and thorough ultrasound examination of all organs of the fetus is conducted, and possible violations in the placental circulation are identified. Also at this time you can determine the sex of the child.

The third ultrasound at 32-34 week is the control. It helps to identify those violations that were not previously seen, and allows the doctor to prepare for the reception of labor.

In addition to the three planned ultrasound, in addition such an examination can be carried out in some other cases, for example: complications during pregnancy, rhesus-conflict, monitoring of therapy.

How often can an ultrasound be performed?

Some women are not afraid of the rumors that the frequent ultrasound can affect the growth and development of the child. They require a study at each visit to the antenatal clinic to ensure that there are no pathologies in the fetus.

But obviously, this is not worth doing.Observation of women with mandatory ultrasound revealed that the examination does not have a negative impact on the future mother and her child. But at the same time there are no reliable studies on how frequent ultrasounds affect the fetus.

All pregnant women should remember that the obstetrician-gynecologist of their antenatal clinic is responsible for their life and health. It is the doctor who is able to assess the harm and benefits of ultrasound during pregnancy, so no need to be afraid of ultrasound, as well as insist on its frequent use.

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