How not to go unnoticed. Part 1

Respect yourself.
When other people see that you do not respect yourself, they begin to worry (sometimes just unconsciously) that maybe you are not worthy of their respect. Demonstrate to others that you deserve their attention, perhaps primarily through good self-care. Eat healthy foods, exercise, follow personal hygiene (for example, take a shower, brush your teeth, use deodorant).
On clothes meet ...
You should always be dressed so that you are noticed. Do not wear clothes that look bad on you, have stains, tears or bruises.
Act confidently.
Confidence is a very attractive quality. If you are confident in yourself, others will turn to you for advice or help (consciously or not). Speak for yourself, make decisions. Stop apologizing for all the little things.
Be sociable.
Finding friends, clients, future employers or colleagues, even just people who could help you in any way, is impossible without opening your mouth. Chat with people looking for friends.
Be friendly.
Be attentive to people. Be positive. Be friendly. If you are a person who speaks about others behind their backs, they are vindictive and irritable, then others are unlikely to look for communication with you. If you are a pleasant person, then you will have much more chances to receive positive public attention when it is necessary.
Be creative.
Do not simply rephrase old material, whether it is ideas, styles or practices. Clinging to old ways is a sign that you don’t know how to change it, that you are not a creative person. Try to use in your practical activity as much as possible to use new and better ways of doing business.

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