How many kittens can a cat give birth to?

Pregnancy is a very important and crucial period in the life of both the cat itself and its owner, because pets are less adapted to life than their street relatives.

Only thanks to your care and care they can survive this moment easier and calmer, and for this, naturally, you need to prepare in advance. Of course, you can surrender into the hands of professionals, but many prefer to take birth at home in order to experience the whole process on their own.

A bit about cat pregnancy

Naturally, that the childbirth proceeded more calmly, and you did not worry, and how many more fluffy clumps should be born, it is advisable to know in advance how many kittens a cat can give birth to. In order to understand this question, you need to know a little about the pet's pregnancy itself.

Usually, the entire period of gestation in a cat lasts about 63 days, the period may vary slightly, plus or minus 2-3 days, but this is no longer the essence. Usually, feline pregnancy is conditionally divided into several stages,but already in the first of them (approximately in the third week), one can quite clearly find the embryos of kittens in the rounded and strong tummy of the future mother. It’s difficult to say how many will be in a given period, usually they are no more than 3 cm long.

Approximately on the fifth week the belly of a fluffy mother increases by another couple of centimeters, it is already undesirable to feel the future kittens during this period, because they acquire a cylindrical shape and fall directly into the abdominal cavity.

By the way, a cat, like a person, can be done an ultrasound scan, which will not only confirm the presence of pregnancy in the early stages, but also allow you to determine how many kittens to expect. Starting from the 6th week, the stomach begins to change rapidly in size, and already on the 7th you can feel the active movements of the future Fuzzies. In the last week, the cat becomes inactive, and in recent days it is actively looking for a place to give birth.

How many kittens can a healthy cat give birth to?

This issue is especially concerned with those owners who breed purebred individuals, because you need to prepare for their subsequent sale in advance.

By the way, it’s a paradox, but domestic pedigreed cats often have less progeny than ordinary domestic cats, which is associated with weakness at the genetic level.

In addition, it is useful to know the owners of ordinary, even the most non-pedigree pets, because the future of small fluffy lumps should also be taken care of in advance, and knowing their number, it is much easier to take delivery.

It is believed that the usual average cat, which has no health problems, eats well and lives at home, can bring from 4 to 6 kittens. Naturally, this figure may vary slightly in one direction or another.

This number is called optimal and it obeys a simple calculation formula: the number of nipples minus two. Naturally, there are no strict theorems on this topic, there are cases when one cat brought up 15 live and healthy kittens with a lambing! This, of course, is the exception rather than the rule, but nonetheless.

What affects the number of offspring?

  • First of all - this is the age of the future mom. If the cat gives birth for the first time, then most likely the number of kittens will vary from one to three individuals. An experienced and adult female is able to give birth from 4 to 12 kittens, and now cats aged (usually after 7 years) are not able to produce numerous offspring.Surprisingly, at this age they often begin to experience tenderness and maternal feelings for other kittens and even "adopt" them.
  • Secondly, it is, of course, the state of health of the pet. Not receiving adequate nutrition, a weakened or unhealthy animal is simply not able to bear or give birth to numerous offspring. Typically, these cats number of kittens does not exceed three pieces.
  • Thirdly, it is heredity. A cat that was born in a numerous litter has a much better chance when lambing to bring more kittens.
  • In purebred individuals, chances of giving birth to numerous offspring are much less.

But how to find out the exact number of future kittens? Reliable figures with an accuracy of up to 99% will be able to tell you only ultrasound. Of course, it is possible to assume a large progeny in terms of the size of the pussy of a future fluffy mom: the larger it is, the greater the number of offspring it expects. In the early stages (3-4 weeks), you can try to gently probe her belly and count the number of embryos.

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