How can each of us help homeless animals?

There are a lot of homeless animals today, and they all have a hard time. Is it possible to somehow help them? Yes you can!

So how can you help stray animals? Here is what you can do:

  1. Sterilization. Yes, it may seem strange, but in fact such a measure is necessary and effective. The fact is that the offspring of stray dogs and cats in any case is doomed to not the best fate. Part of it will die at an early age, while others will continue to exist on the street. And therefore, by paying for the sterilization of a female animal, you can, firstly, prevent the spread of stray dogs, which, by the way, are very dangerous, and secondly, you can help reduce the number of stray animals.
  2. If the animal is hungry, then feed it. But you should not do it near your home, otherwise the dog or cat will decide that there will always be food, and will start coming all the time. And this can greatly disturb or annoy other tenants.It is better to choose a deserted place and bring food there.
  3. If you see kittens or puppies thrown up by someone recently born into the world at the entrance or right under your door, do not pass by them, because if one sympathizes, the other can simply throw the box in the trash or just drown the animals. If there is an opportunity, take the babies to your home for a while and start looking for owners, since at an early age animals are much more likely to be taken than adults. Place information on the site ads and on thematic forums, call friends, relatives, friends, colleagues.
  4. In every city there are shelters for homeless animals. And if you see a stray cat or a dog, then take her to such an institution. Firstly, there they will take care of it, and secondly, there is a chance that the animal will find owners, since many people who decide to have a pet are sent to shelters.
  5. Help the shelter. Institutions of this type are not public, and therefore do not receive funding and exist at the expense of those who are not indifferent to the fate of animals. Become one of these people to develop a shelter and save as many animals as possible.Help can be not only material, although it is, of course, always needed. You can also help make cages, bring unnecessary rags, food, toys. In addition, many pets need to take on overexposure. You can provide your home or ask for help from family and friends. And if you have a personal car, offer your services for transportation of wards, for example, to veterinary clinics, temporary habitats or to new owners. Among other things, the shelters often lack staff, so you can periodically come and give all possible help, for example, look after the wards, feed them or clean them.
  6. Help the animal to find the owner. If the animal is in a shelter or, for example, often in a certain place (that is, constantly or regularly appears in your field of vision), then it can become someone else's. How can this help? Spread the information in any way. First, make a good photo and make a detailed description that would help potential owners learn the nature, habits and habits of the future pet.Secondly, post a photo with a description on thematic blogs and sites in social networks. Thirdly, ask your friends for help, they can also distribute data.
  7. If you see a sick or injured animal, take it to the vet. But be prepared for the fact that you will not only have to pay for the treatment (there are no free procedures in any clinic), but also to follow the further fate of your ward, as the therapy can be long, and nobody will hold the animal in the institution. If you just bring a dog or a cat and leave it with the doctor, then, most likely, it will soon be put to sleep.
  8. Particularly difficult for homeless animals during the cold season, many of them freeze to death. What can you do? To warm dogs and cats. To do this, first, do not expel them from the entrances and ask them not to do this to your neighbors. Of course, wild animals can be dangerous, but still a single dog or cat with kittens is unlikely to harm anyone. Secondly, bring boxes and unnecessary rags out of the house. In such an improvised house, the animal can warm up even on the street.Thirdly, if you see a dog or a cat sleeping in a snowdrift, by all means wake her up, otherwise it will simply freeze.
  9. Have you long dreamed of a pet? You should not purchase it from breeders or in an elite nursery. Believe me, a cat or a dog without a breed can be no less beautiful and intelligent than a thoroughbred and having a pedigree. In addition, for sure such a friend will be grateful to you and will never betray. And still, yard animals are often quite smart, because quick wits are necessary for survival in outdoor conditions.
  10. If a stray animal looks like home and lost by its owners, then do everything to find them. Take a picture of it, make a description, enter your contact information and the location of the dog or cat and post ads on homes, stops and lampposts. In addition, information can be distributed via the Internet. Probably, the owners will soon be found.
  11. You can take part in one of the charity events in support of homeless animals. Information about such events can be found on the Internet. Participation options can be very diverse.Some volunteers collect money, others periodically work in shelters, others hold rallies, the fourth arrange explanatory conversations with schoolchildren about taking care of our younger brothers.
  12. Open your charitable foundation. This is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, so it is best to seek the help of lawyers. You will also need to find permanent sponsors who will allocate funds for events and for the existence of the organization as a whole. When all legal issues are resolved, start promoting your idea to the masses and spreading information about the fund, as well as attracting new sponsors and investors. The money received can go on the development of existing or construction of new shelters and other expenses related to the care of stray animals.

And remember that your participation can help the animal not only survive, but also find a home. Take care of our smaller brothers!

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