How does the Chinese thermos mug

Device mug thermos

For the manufacture of Chinese thermos mug with a volume of 0.5 liters, transparent heat-resistant food plastic is used. The cup itself is divided into the lower compartment, where tea is brewed, and the upper compartment, where pure tea is concentrated. Both of them communicate with each other - to bookmark the brewing in the lower compartment, unscrew the bottom cover and put tea there, and pour boiling water through the top cover. After a few seconds, required for brewing tea, you need to close the connection between the upper and lower compartments, simply turning the locking ring counterclockwise a quarter of a turn.
After the cessation of the interaction of water with tea brewing, the drink ceases to brew - while its strength and taste remain unchanged even after half an hour.
To prevent small tea leaves from the lower compartment to the upper compartment, the developers of the thermos cup mounted a special microgrid into the partition between them.This technology does not interfere with stirring tea infusion, but at the same time prevents even the smallest tea leaves from getting into the upper compartment. Due to this, the tea always remains clean, transparent and has a beautiful rich color.

Additional benefits

After drinking tea brewed in a Chinese thermos mug, you need to refill it with fresh boiling water and open the partition between the upper and lower compartments for a few seconds. After the tea is re-brewed, the message needs to be closed again - the result will be an equally tasty and rich tea brew that will not lose its taste even after several brewing.
The tightness of the lower and upper lids of the thermos cup is provided by silicone sealing rings, due to which the cup twists tightly and gently.
Another advantage of this novelty is the additional capacity intended for the storage of new portions of tea brewing. It is built into the upper lid of the thermos cup, which is very convenient when adding fresh tea leaves to the previous infusion.
Thus, the Chinese mug-thermos is a very simple, convenient and very functional tea device, which allows brewing excellent varietal tea without porcelain tableware.In addition, it does not distort the taste of tea, even with long brewing, which is ideal for office conditions and hiking trips.

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