How does hemophilia occur in children

That is why in 90% of cases men suffer from hemophilia - from the father, the boys get the Y chromosome, and the maternal X chromosome, which contains the pathological gene, remains the only female chromosome in the genotype. The recessive gene will manifest itself in the body in any case - there are blood clotting disorders, which can be fatal for life. A girl will suffer from hemophilia only if she simultaneously receives pathological genes from a sick father and mother - a hidden carrier. Girls born to fathers who suffer from hemophilia will be hidden carriers of hemophilia (like the Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and her many relatives are descendants of Queen Victoria). They will transmit the pathological gene to their descendants - the boys will be sick, and girls in 50% of cases will be carriers. Boys whose fathers are sick with hemophiliathey will not receive the pathological gene from the father and will not pass it to the descendants - they will always be healthy. The disease itself is manifested by bleeding and massive hemorrhages that occur without cause or after minor injuries, and the blood does not stop for a long time. The first hemorrhage may occur in the first hours after birth - a postpartum hematoma appears on the head or soft tissues, possibly developing a dangerous hemorrhage in the brain. The next dangerous period - the moment when the umbilical cord falls off, bleeding from the umbilical cord or umbilical wound can frighten parents very much, but in most cases makes them alert and seek medical help. The examination after several tests helps to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment. The danger lurks the baby at the moment when he begins to crawl and walk - the risk of injuries and, consequently, hemorrhages in the joints and soft tissues increases significantly. Blood penetrating into the joint cavity causes destruction of bone and cartilage tissue, adhesions develop, but most of all patients are worried about the severe pain in the affected limb.Hemorrhage into soft tissues can reach a large volume, squeeze the surrounding tissues, and when infected, the blood becomes the ideal nutrient medium for microorganisms.

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