How can I use the letters in the interior of the housing?

Today it is difficult to surprise anyone with expensive wallpaper or custom furniture, however, there are still many ideas that allow you to diversify your home environment and fill your apartment with an individual.

One of the latest trends in interior design is the use of various inscriptions that can partly share the story of your family, tell about its members, and maybe even become a good inspiration for new life accomplishments.

By the way, abroad, this design method has been used for quite a long time already, it has been learned to harmoniously fit into a variety of interior styles.

Decorative letters in the interior is a great opportunity to turn the most ordinary things into original symbols or stylish accents of exclusivity. There are a lot of ideas how to use such decor - letters and phrases look harmonious, both in the internal arrangement of an apartment or house, and they look very impressive on the external walls of buildings, for example, in the design of offices, cafes, hotels, and so on.

Bright and voluminous letters can be made to order or you can make them yourself, these can be specific letters of the Russian or Latin alphabet, for example, the initials of family members, or whole phrases, aphorisms and quotes from favorite books that are your source of inspiration. and cheerfulness.

What can letters be made of?

The most popular materials for creating volumetric letters and inscriptions are wood, fabric, metal, plastic or foam, and you can apply them anywhere in the apartment that you like best.

They may differ in size, color and texture, may have a different font and shape, however, it is very important to ensure that they fit harmoniously into your interior. Do not forget about the principle: a lot of different, bright and individually interesting - in general, does not mean stylish and cozy.

If you decide to make letters yourself, then it is better to choose a light or white material, usually wood or plastic, since such elements are much easier to repaint and decoupage. It is best to paint them with acrylic paints; paper, fabric, glitter, pieces of wood and so on are additionally suitable for decoration, all in the hands of your imagination!

Indoor use ideas

Individual letters

The easiest way is to decorate a room using individual letters of the alphabet, which can be distinguished by color and size, and are placed in random order on the wall or furniture. The best option in this case is to use a maximum of 3-4 colors so that the result does not turn out to be too intrusive.

Typically, these ideas are suitable for the design of a children's or teenage room, which are designed for several children. As a rule, the letters in this case bear a symbolic character: the names of the children, wishes, monograms, initials, or simply a listing of the entire alphabet, which, plus everything, becomes a good helper for school preparation.

Sometimes the same technique is used in the living room or hallway, as a result, provided the correct arrangement, a very effective result is obtained.

Interesting inscriptions

If you want to get a non-standard and creative design, then pay attention to the use of graffiti, furniture and other elements of the decor, which can carry a deep meaning or be a comic quote.

The main thing is that these inscriptions really have a special meaning for you: inspired, moved, supported, worried, but in no way left indifferent.These can be the names of the second half, family name, life credo, winged aphorisms or life motto, the main thing is that they support the general idea of ​​the style of your home.

Least of all troubles with finished materials, which already have the necessary inscriptions and drawings. For example, on sale you can find wallpaper with the most popular phrases, for example, "Bon appetite!", "Sweet Home" and so on.


The second option is to use vinyl stickers. Today, there is nothing easier than to order on the Internet any self-adhesive inscription that you have to taste, ranging from monosyllabic phrases, to whole volume texts. The convenience of such stickers is that they are easy to remove when they get tired or stop being relevant for you.

The third option is to decorate the walls with wooden shields that look like a blackboard written in chalk. Sometimes real slate boards are used, which members of the family can use with a felt-tip pen or chalk to put their ideas, thoughts, important information or a daily schedule. Such boards are conveniently used for the design of the working area, and making them yourself is not so difficult.

Associative photo collages

A design solution that is considered to be quite new and is only developing, but it is rapidly gaining momentum and developing associative thinking. The meaning of the design is simple: for the design of the whole “inscription”, separate paintings are used with images of art objects or world sights that are externally associated with a particular letter.

There are even entire communities in which photographers from all over the world are engaged in what they are looking for and create such unique paintings-letters. This design looks very original in the design of almost any painting, especially if the pictures were taken by the household itself.

Furniture and other decorative elements

If volumetric inscriptions and vinyl stickers seem to you something banal and boring, try decorating your apartment with soft “typographic” furniture. There are also unique chests, chairs, cabinets, as well as shelves with books and flowers. You can familiarize yourself with examples of similar design by looking at the works of the French brand Tabisso, whose activities are, in fact, fully tied to various “signs”.

You just need to choose a specific topic and translate it into reality. It is interesting to see pillows in the bedroom or living room, stitched in the form of letters and various symbols, usually they make up whole words that have a special meaning for the household itself.

Do not forget that home decoration with letters and inscriptions is an incredibly creative process that requires deep commitment. In order for all elements of your future interior to evolve harmoniously, this process must be approached wholeheartedly.

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