How can I lose weight to a teenager?

Being overweight in adolescence is a pressing issue. Excess body weight can lead to the development of complexes, metabolic disorders and even serious chronic diseases. And how should teenagers lose weight? Learn the basic rules and nuances of weight loss at that age.

Why do teens gain weight?

Causes of weight gain in adolescence may be different:

  • Hereditary predisposition. If one or, moreover, both parents are overweight, then the child is also likely to face this problem.
  • Hypodynamia - a sedentary lifestyle. Many teenagers refuse to walk, active entertainment and sports, preferring to spend time at the computer or with gadgets, chatting with friends on social networks. The less a person moves, the slower they burn carbohydrates and fats that are obtained from food.
  • Predominance in the diet of high-calorie foods. The promotion of fast food, convenience foods and other "hazards" forces children to choose unhealthy foods.
  • Binge eating. A teenager may overeat if he constantly eats at the TV or at the computer: the amount of food is not controlled, the feeling of saturation does not come, respectively, the portions increase.
  • Hormonal disruptions that can occur during the period of active puberty, falling on 12-15 years.
  • Endocrine diseases: diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism (reduced thyroid function).
  • Pathologies or diseases of the endocrine glands, such as the adrenal glands, hypothalamus, pituitary. These include Itsenko-Cushing syndrome, in which the adrenal cortex produces an increased amount of hormones, which leads to a slow processing of fats.

Proper weight loss

How can you lose weight quickly teenager? Immediately it should be noted that the rapid weight loss at this age is harmful and even dangerous, so you should not wait for quick results. Body weight should be normalized gradually, then the child will not only gain harmony, but also be able to preserve it without harming his health. Below are the main directions of literate weight loss.

How to eat

It is extremely important to establish proper nutrition.But admitting a strict diet to a teenager is definitely not worth it: tight restrictions will lead to a breakdown and even greater weight gain. Therefore, you need to eat wisely, observing a few rules:

  1. Refusal of fast food and convenience foods, restriction of the use of sweets, fat, fried, flour. Marinated and spicy dishes increase the appetite and negatively affect the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, therefore it is also advisable to refuse them.
  2. The inclusion of low-fat dairy and dairy products, low-fat fish and meat, cereals, vegetables, seafood, berries, fruits.
  3. Correct cooking. As a heat treatment, it is better to choose baking, boiling, stewing, grilling or steaming. Do not fry in oil.
  4. Fractional power. A teenager should eat at least four to five times a day, and meals include breakfast, lunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. But portions should be reduced. You can buy a separate small plate and put food only in it.
  5. No snacking in the form of sweets, cakes and chocolate bars. If you want to eat, it is better to eat an apple or drink a bottle of yogurt.
  6. Balanced diet.In adolescence, the body's need for nutrients increases, so the menu should contain foods rich in vitamins, minerals, macro-and micronutrients. Muscles and immunity need protein, and for the production of energy the necessary complex carbohydrates, which are absorbed slowly and go into action, and not delayed.
  7. Dinner should not be late. The best option is two or three hours before bedtime.

Physical activity

Lose weight and gain a slender beautiful body without physical activity is impossible. And it is not necessary to arrange exhausting workouts and engage in exhaustion. You can find a suitable and popular sport, sign up for the section. For example, a girl may be engaged in dancing, aerobics, gymnastics. The boy can attend swimming, wrestling, football, basketball.

Physical activity should be regular, so it is important to exercise twice or thrice a week. And every day you can perform simple exercises at home.

Other events

To lose weight and maintain weight, you need to revise and change lifestyle. Proper nutrition should not bring suffering and be associated with restrictions: when it becomes a habit, there will be no harmful products.

What is important is a regimen that helps improve health, improve the body and learn to discipline. Teenagers are advised to get up and lie down at about the same time. So, it is better to fall asleep no later than 21: 30-22: 00 hours. You can wake up at 7-8 am, depending on the school schedule. Optimal duration of sleep is 9-10 hours.

In addition to playing sports, you need daily physical activity. So, a teenager can every day sutra do gymnastics, warm up in between classes. Walking in the fresh air is very useful. You can just walk with friends or parents, or you can get out of public transport one or two stops on your way home, to school or shop.

The help of specialists

If the weight is not reduced and continues to increase, subject to diet and exercise, then the excess mass is probably due to health problems. In this case, you should consult a doctor and undergo a comprehensive comprehensive examination, which will include blood tests (for sugar, hormones, biochemical), ultrasound of the internal organs, possibly computer or magnetic resonance imaging.

If problems are identified, they must be eliminated under the supervision of the attending physician, who will select the correct treatment. When metabolic disorders can be prescribed funds, normalizing it. When hypothyroidism of the thyroid gland, specialists recommend hormone replacement therapy, which allows to eliminate the hormone deficiency that the organ produces.

Tips for teens and their parents

Finally, a few tips for teens and parents themselves:

  • To ensure proper nutrition has become attractive, you should prepare a variety of dishes and serve them nicely, interestingly serving and decorating, applying products of different colors.
  • The right motivation is important. So, the girl will be pleased to buy new clothes one or two sizes smaller. And the guy probably wants to invite on a date your favorite classmate. For an incentive, you can hang pictures of slender attractive people on the refrigerator.
  • Parents are required to support, care, help, instill confidence in success. It is important to tell a teenager that everything will happen.
  • If a son or daughter follows the principles of dietary proper nutrition, the rest of the family should eat the same way. If mommy or dad will eat bread and cakes, the teen will succumb to temptation and break.
  • Do not give up sweets at all. They can be eaten in the morning.

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