How can you get rid of the guy (10 effective ways)

How to get rid of a guy? For many, this question will seem incomprehensible, especially to men: why get rid of someone, if you can just explain everything and leave. The relationship between a boy and a girl is a delicate and complicated affair, sometimes feelings blind a man so much that he doesn’t see obvious things: for example, the boy doesn’t notice that she’s not just disliking a girl’s behavior, but bringing her to rabies and a nervous tick.

It happens that at the beginning of a relationship, everything seems to be going well, the girl likes a guy, he is also in love with her. But, the further relations go, the more people open up to each other, and here the most interesting begins. The girl suddenly begins to realize that she is annoyed by his habit of cleverly, laughing loudly, watching action films and at the same time eating pizza, and even at every opportunity to praise herself beloved.

Naturally, the nerves of the girl pass, and she decides to quit the guy.But how to do it? Of course, the easiest way to sit down and explain everything to a man, but what to do if he does not want to let you go. It's simple, you need to make sure that he no longer wants to have anything to do with you, in other words, to get rid of him in proven ways.

10 tips:

1. Everything is relative! Men hate being compared to anyone. Especially if you focus on his sexual abilities. “My dear, you were good this night, though, my ex, Misha is a more experienced lover, we did such a thing up with him.” This phrase the annoying guy will not soon forget. A good excuse to leave you.

2. Permanent control. Under the constant control refers to the maniacal persecution of a young man. Calls, every fifteen minutes, at every opportunity you go along with him, do not let go anywhere, and if he still goes to meet with friends, call every five minutes. At the same time, invent an “important” occasion and speak in a very nice voice.

3. Tantrums - the best tool. No normal man would like it when, after a busy day at work, they will have concerts at home.Hysteria on any occasion. “You didn’t call me back”, “You have another one”, “I’m fat”, you can think of anything. Cling to his words. And scream as loud as possible so that all the neighbors can hear.

4. Spend his money. You can afford a lot. For example, in a restaurant constantly order very expensive food. And even better while he is at work, buy a stupid, scary, big, but insanely expensive statue and put in the most uncomfortable place. To say that this is your gift, however, for his money, but it does not matter, at least for you :).

5. Sex - Your weapon! For each person, the intimate sphere of life is very important. So with the help of sex you can easily ruin the life of a young man so much that he will certainly want to part with you. At the most interesting moment, start yawning and twisting such a face as if you had eaten a lemon. You can still say a few caustic words. You can also constantly tease and deny a guy in sex.

6. Get drunk. And in the company of his friends, and even better colleagues. He should be ashamed of you. Begin to undress, dance on the table, fall, turn the table over, in general, have a good time off.

7Forget about lingerie! Long live the grandmother's pantaloons! Stretched linen, with a children's pattern, a nightdress in the style of the Soviet era, no lace underwear. The image will perfectly complement the curlers and mask on the face, such that it is more terrible. It is advisable to go around the house in such a style all day, you can even go out to meet its guests.

8. Ask stupid questions. Constantly ask: “Do you love me?”, “Am I beautiful?”, “How do I look?”, “Tell me about the ex-girls?” (After that, get hysterical). Guys do not understand these questions and often get lost. Believe me, he will necessarily answer the wrong, it will irritate your curiosity.

9. Comment on his appearance! Criticize everything in his image: hairstyle, figure, manner of dressing. On his favorite sweater, tell me that the scariest has never been seen. Make fun of a guy and give really awful things, such as a tie with palm trees, make him wear to work.

10. Male friendship is holy! Discuss his friends, do not stint on the expression. Make them losers and make fun of all their actions. Do not allow to see friends. At a general party, openly show your friends your attitude towards them: be rude and mock.

As you can see, to solve the problem is simple.Fulfillment of several items from this list, is capable of destroying any relationship. If you have firmly decided to break off relations with this annoying young man, act. It's fun enough :).

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