How can you get married with a child

When meeting a man, never hide the fact that you have a baby. Do not start a relationship with cheating. Sooner or later it will still open. If you did not immediately say that you have a son or daughter, but only after some time discovered the truth, do not be obsessive - do not call the man yourself, give him time to weigh everything.
Take care of yourself, try to always be in a good mood and believe that you are a beautiful and attractive woman who can interest a man.
In no case do not complain and do not tell the man that you are poor and unhappy and that it is difficult for you to raise a child alone.
Do not compare with him his father with your child. This can annoy even the most patient man.
Do not be afraid to ask him about the attitude towards children. If you like, it is very good. But if a negative attitude, it is better to immediately end the relationship with such a man.
Do not listen to those who say that you are not needed by anyone, because you have a child.If a man really loves you, he will love a child and will eventually get used to it.
Marriage is, of course, good, but even better if your child does not suffer from it. Therefore, never build a relationship with a man who will not love your child. You can feel it.
Live and rejoice, do not argue with time. Also, do not think about age. Age is just a “year number.” The main thing that you were happy.
Do not blame yourself for the fact that you have broken the last marriage. You are not the only one unlucky. Having a child, marry is quite realistic.
Do not be afraid to fall in love, but do not rush to marry the first person you meet. Many divorced women are satisfied with their status in society. Weigh everything first so as not to repeat past mistakes.
Be sure to find time for friends, they can help you survive the difficult moments of your life, cope with depression and stress.

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