How can you become a good writer?

If you dream of becoming a writer, then try to fulfill such a dream, because it is quite real. And helpful tips will help.

Is it worth it?

First, see if you need it, if you can be a writer.

  • First of all, to write really interesting, you need talent, but not many have it. Do you have it? If yes, then try for sure!
  • Secondly, understand that writing is not only fame, money and a sea of ​​fans. Yes, probably, you will have all this. But many even very gifted people remain unknown. But even if you are destined to become a famous genius, it can happen very soon. First you have to write, write and write again to get noticed.
  • Thirdly, you need to have at least some skills. It requires literacy, language skills, logical thinking, a developed imagination, and so on. Do you have all this?

If on all points it turns out that you will not become a “shark”, you should not be upset. Your vocation is different, and in another field you will succeed!

How to start writing?

So, how to become a real writer?

Some useful recommendations:

  1. To get started is to choose the right genre. So, if you are a born romantic, then you can certainly write novels. If you have an irresistible craving for adventure and a perfectly working imagination, then most likely you will have wonderful books in the genre of adventure or fantasy. And if you want to investigate crimes and know how to think logically, try writing detectives.
  2. Read books. Why do you need it? First, you can learn many new words, turns and various techniques, and this will definitely benefit you. Secondly, you will understand how best to build and structure a work. Thirdly, it will help to determine the genre. And, fourthly, you can develop your own style. But to read as many books as possible from different writers and different genres, otherwise you will focus on one thing and involuntarily start copying the style of a popular and beloved author.
  3. Grow! It is not easy to write books, for this you need to be educated and diversified in order not only to be able to insert beautiful words and complex terms into the text, but also to do it appropriately, and also to convey to the readers the meaning of what was written.
  4. Start your own blog. Firstly, you will be able to express your thoughts, secondly, you will receive constructive criticism and, thirdly, you will probably find first readers and even admirers.
  5. Write letters. And you can write to both familiar people and completely unfamiliar. And the latter option is preferable, because strangers will treat you impartially and will be able to evaluate your efforts objectively.
  6. Keep a diary. Record in it all your thoughts, events of the past day, feelings and feelings, as well as the statements of others you liked and remembered, or quotes heard or read somewhere.
  7. Learn to delve into the essence of objects, things and events. For example, having seen some unfamiliar object or device, try to learn about it as much as possible, and in the smallest details. This will help to think in detail (for the writer it is important), and also to develop.
  8. Train your fantasy. Start small. For example, when you see a person on the street or in public transport, think up his life. Mentally describe his house, imagine what his children, relatives could look like. Ponder how he could work, in what areas he would succeed.By the way, this can be not only a kind of fitness for the imagination, but also a way to find heroes for your future books.
  9. Catch inspiration and write when you have it. If it rarely visits you (even geniuses have creative crises), then look for new sources. It can be interesting impressions and vivid emotions, communication with interesting people, delicious food, favorite music, a hobby and so on.
  10. Learn to describe events, people and objects, readers love the details. For example, when you see a person, carefully consider him and try to describe the facial expressions, character, facial features, and figure as clearly as possible.
  11. If you plan to become a writer of articles, learn to notice the most important and express thoughts clearly.
  12. Write only in a good mood, otherwise nothing interesting and worthwhile will come to you.
  13. Let's read to others what you wrote. Let it be short stories or only sketches, it does not matter. An independent reader will be able to appreciate the style and understand whether the written is interesting or not. And it is desirable to look for such critics not among relatives and relatives (not all of them will be able to tell the truth, fearing to offend you), but among unfamiliar or virtually unfamiliar people.
  14. Do not force yourself to write, if at the moment you don’t want this at all, nothing good will come of it.
  15. And yet you need to write as much as possible and regularly, only this will hone your skills. It is advisable to devote a certain time to this activity daily. For example, you can search for inspiration, collect and organize thoughts during the day, and in the evening before going to sleep take a sheet and paper (or laptop) and set out everything that has accumulated in your head.
  16. Do you dream of becoming a novelist? Try to watch in love couples. Describe their behavior, facial expressions, gestures, communication, attitudes, and so on. This will allow more volumetric and interesting to convey high feelings, and it is for this that romantic writers appreciate.
  17. Understand that it is not quantity that matters, but quality. Some amazing and brilliant works are the only creations of the author. And some writers write books for several years, trying to reach perfection.
  18. Learn to learn from everything. So, even if something bad happened to you, use this event to write a book. Alternatively, think of another scenario, connecting the imagination.
  19. Adopt criticism calmly and listen to it, some advice and a view from outside can be useful.
  20. Communicate with other writers or at least read their statements.
  21. Use for the stories any ideas, even the most seemingly crazy ones. It is from these thoughts that true masterpieces are born.

Good luck to you in such a difficult task and well-deserved glory!

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