How can I pierce my ears?

Pierce your ears or not? In childhood, this question was asked by each of us. Why in childhood, but because, being a very young creature, the girl wants to look attractive, and in this case without jewelry, or rather without earrings, nowhere.

If you still do not decide on this procedure, then deprive yourself of the opportunity to receive gold earrings from men as a gift, to buy jewelry yourself and enjoy the beautiful "stars" in your ears. So if you still haven’t done this procedure with your ears, drop all doubts and finally pierce your ears!

Our ancestors began to make holes in the ears, but earlier they did it not to decorate their appearance, but for religious purposes. Passengers of Easter Island, inserting earrings in their ears, thus showed everyone that they are believers and worship Gods.

A ring in the nose of an Indian woman, warns others that she is married. Starting from the 18th century, earrings began to be worn mainly to decorate their appearance, and men preferred this jewelry more than women.

If you are determined to pierce your ears and wear a beautiful earring, take into account some points.

Where and how to carry out the procedure

Of course, a friend can also pierce your ear, and you can do it yourself. But, nevertheless, it is better if you trust the piercing procedure to a professional. To do this, choose a good beauty parlor and a suitable specialist, so you will be sure that the procedure will be done under sterile conditions and correctly. The master must have the appropriate permissions and diplomas.

Ask the master in front of your eyes once again to sterilize the instruments so that germs and infection do not get into the wound.

The tool for piercing is a gun, with replaceable disposable needles - asterisks. After the master performs the procedure, these stars should remain in your ears for two months. All this time you need to move earrings in every way, wipe your ears with hydrogen peroxide, and try not to pull the earrings so as not to tear the wound. Avoid bathing in dirty water, it is better to postpone physical exertion so that sweat does not get on the wounds.

Since there are several hundred acupuncture points on the auricle, it is worth paying attention to this when piercing the ears, since these points are responsible for the work of many organs.

In general, ear lobes are pierced, since there are fewer "important" points in it and there is no cartilage, which makes the procedure for ear piercing less painful.

You can not perform the procedure for people who suffer from skin diseases, diseases of the circulatory system and are allergic to the metal.

Do not perform the procedure if you know that in the coming days you will have a trip or a trip, this increases the possibility of infection.

If you have the procedure done correctly and you have followed all the necessary recommendations, then very soon you will be able to take off standard earrings. Be beautiful and do not be afraid!

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