How can a girl gain self-confidence (10 steps)

Once and for all, identify for yourself your weaknesses and merits. Hide the flaws in a distant box, and never tell people about them, people are not more attentive and until you yourself point out the flaws, people may not even notice.
Finally love your appearance. Consider yourself more closely and love at least something. Emphasize your merits.
Examine your face in detail and learn how to be well painted. Not vulgar and not defiant. The right makeup will hide the flaws and highlight your advantages.
Choose the right clothes. It is the clothes that will fit your age. It is terrible when women rejuvenate or ascribe to themselves for a couple of years, due to clothing and makeup. Remember, a woman is beautiful at any age, so it is necessary to match your age.
Clothing can work wonders, it can easily hide all unnecessary and emphasize the necessary.Learn to look at yourself soberly in the mirror of the stores, and you choose exactly the clothes that suits you.
Find a perfume that is perfect for you. Smells are remembered at some special and implicitly expressed level. So a bad-smelling person bumps into the memory as an unpleasant person, and a person who leaves a trail of pleasant aroma also arouses sympathy.
Take care of your face and hair. Acne and poorly groomed greasy hair does not cause pleasant emotions to passers-by, and at this moment you will not feel very comfortable, complete and hide from people.
Watch your health. Not the most pleasant detail of your image is the smell from the mouth. In the human body, everything is interconnected, and an unpleasant smell is a consequence of any violation in the body. Another detail is sweating. Excessive sweating is also a consequence of disturbances in the body, and this problem prevents not only the person himself, but also those around him.
Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to look at ourselves from the outside, so think and pay great attention to your walk, facial expression, and your smile. This also requires training.Remember that a smile makes you friendly and pleasant.
Learn to speak competently and articulately. Practice diction. Enrich your vocabulary with both literary words and terminology. For a comfortable and clear communication with people from different areas it is worth knowing at least some minimum. Also, do not use words of meaning that you do not know.
And the last develop! Read, go to the cinema, to exhibitions, meet and communicate with new people, broaden your horizons, attend new places and events, go to various master classes. All this will help to be an interesting and versatile interlocutor.

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