House plant aiizrion - a flower-keeper of love

House plant aiizrion - a flower-keeper of loveAihrizon is a flower with the popular name “tree of love”. According to visual signs - this is a 30-centimeter shrub that resembles a contour ball, as its diameter usually reaches the same dimensions as the height. Under natural conditions, it settles in rocky cracks, choosing to live in warm Canary-type islands.

Aihrizon: a flower or is it still a tree of love?

Calling a plant a tree conditionally, it sounds solely because of its harmonious combination with the subsequent definition. As for the second word - love - it is believed that the flower of the ayrzrone attracts a happy love, and its sheets are original symbols, since they remind of the hearts covered with whitish fluff. The stalks of aihrizona are not amenable to lignification and beautifully branch without any additional effort.

Distinctive features of Aichrizon

It is not difficult to recognize an ayrzron.First, in the form of its sheets, and secondly, in their coloring. It is not monotonous - on a green background all sorts of blotches of white, gray, yellow and red colors are located. In addition, you can pay attention to the following signs:

  • the leaves do not grow alone, but are collected in sockets and are located on the tops of each stem;
  • it is desirable not to damage the stems of the plant - an unpleasant odor appears on the sites of tissue breaks due to the secretion of fluid
  • flowering time: April-May, early summer;
  • inflorescences resemble scutes or panicles, which combine small flowers;
  • flower color - red, yellow, cream;
  • as soon as the socket faded, it would die.

House plant aiizrion - a flower-keeper of love

How to care for the tree of love?

If you want to observe how airflow throws a flower, then you need to follow some rules of care. There are not many of them, and they are not original at all, so it is impossible to call a plant capricious. Mandatory care conditions include:

  • tight landing capacity;
  • infrequent watering;
  • generous lighting in the winter season;
  • cool;
  • removal of peduncles and weak shoots;
  • after cutting watering increases.

House plant aiizrion - a flower-keeper of love

Aihrizon - non-loving flower of happiness

A simple, unpretentious houseplant, Aihrizon loves light, and scattered. You can meet his needs with gauze or tulle, which separate the flower and the window. If the windows are facing west or east, the plant will be comfortable, and if it is south, it can get burned. The crowns periodically require turns along with the flower.
The room where the flower lives should be cool. A flower near heating devices will be very uncomfortable. The leaves will start to wither and fall off.House plant aiizrion - a flower-keeper of love

Relationship to moisture

When Ahirizone needs water, it reports swelling on the leaves and sprouts. If the crown is slightly pressed, you will feel lethargy. If it springs, then water is not needed. Exceeding the norms of watering is not necessary at least due to the fact that the roots and bases of shoots can rot. In winter, watering is generally reduced to a minimum.
Additionally, it is not necessary to moisten the air in the room. But to wipe the sheets of the plant, arranging for him a warm shower, you can, but not in winter.House plant aiizrion - a flower-keeper of love

Some features of the flower

Aihrizone is a flower that needs to be fed every two weeks during summer. If you want to turn a bush into a tree, you need to intentionally form a crown for it. To do this, cut out suitable branches and cut the tops of the branches.Such actions during the growing season will help the shrub to stretch and deform.
There are more than ten species of this species, and each is attractive in its own way. Folk signs say that the more leaves on the tree, the more love and happy days you will have in your house.

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