Horoscope for 2016 for Sagittarius

Horoscope for 2015 for SagittariusThe year 2016 for Streltsov will largely depend on them - if Sagittarius looks to the future with optimism, is willing to work hard, and is focused on a positive result, then the year will be quite successful. During this period, Sagittarius himself decides his fate - however, even if he relaxes and takes no steps to improve his life, the Year of the Monkey will still be calm for him and will not bring negative changes.

Horoscope for Sagittarius woman for 2016

Spring for a lonely woman-Sagittarius - the period of flowering and narcissism. Energetic and active by nature, she decides that freedom is not for her, and will go in search of the second half. A lot of time it does not take - a charismatic woman, Sagittarius, confident in its attractiveness, quickly collect the army of admirers, she will only have to choose. However, this is only a way to brighten up dull everyday life and allay boredom - a real feeling of Sagittarius should not wait until the onset of cold weather.

Family representatives of the sign can only be envied - a happy family, excellent relationships, unquenchable feelings ... However, the Sagittarius woman will have to make a lot of efforts to ensure that in 2016 nothing has changed - the stars recommend her more time to give to her beloved person and do not forget to tell him about her feelings.

Horoscope for Sagittarius Woman for 2015

In the workplace, the Sagittarius woman has everything stable-salary on time, leave on schedule, however, if she makes an effort and shows leadership what she is capable of, the horoscope promises her a significant advancement and an increase in salary already in the beginning of autumn.

The woman-Sagittarius in 2016 has the risk of hospitalization - most likely, the exacerbation of a chronic disease. In order to avoid this, Sagittarius should consult a doctor at the very beginning of the year - and undergo a full examination, in this case the risk of getting to the hospital will be reduced to a minimum.

Horoscope for a man-Sagittarius for 2016

A free male Sagittarius will not remain so for long - 2016 is an extremely successful year for new acquaintances and forging relationships. However, everything depends on what the Sagittarius wants - if he does not need anything other than flirting and meeting for one night, then he will not meet applicants for something serious.Of course, it is convenient - however, a Sagittarius man should think about the fact that 2016 is an excellent time for serious relations and their formalization.

The Sagittarius family man will be worried about the housing problem - perhaps even stronger than it would be. The issue will be resolved without any problems, but not before the fall - and until this point the stars advise the Sagittarius man to be patient and not be nervous.

Horoscope for the male Sagittarius for 2015

Career is not the main thing that will excite a male-Sagittarius in 2016, but he will succeed in this area if he wants to demonstrate his professionalism. Perhaps he will be somewhat bored - but the management will note this and propose an interesting project that will reveal new abilities and skills in Sagittarius.

The health of a male-Sagittarius does not inspire fears - 2016 does not bring unpleasant surprises to this area, however, if there are unhealed diseases, you should seriously take care of your well-being. It is best to consult a doctor and follow his instructions, and not to self-medicate - this can only hurt yourself.

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