Horoscope flaws: caution, Capricorns!

Ambitious, loyal to those who were let in closer than others, purposeful and serious, they stand apart in the zodiac pantheon, standing out at the same time as an incredible earthiness and some sort of alien entity. You can say a lot of good things about them, but others often want to characterize them with the help of curses, since loving these wonderful people is somewhat complicated, too many negative and ambiguous qualities. So, we have the horoscope of Capricorns' shortcomings.

"Anderson, be quiet, you lower the IQ of the whole street!"

Capricorns, as a rule, are very intelligent, and they themselves are well aware of this, as they invest a lot of time and effort into their education and development of their intellect; many of them have several universities behind them, or at least active self-study. However, a high level of IQ turns them into incredible snobs. They are a priori sure that all others are idiots with whom there is nothing to talk about.Moreover, representatives of this sign do not keep their conviction with themselves, but openly report it to all those who try to be clever with them. And yes, they do it in very impartial expressions, although very effectively, so you just want to shut up and listen. Well, or send them away and intersect with them as rarely as possible.

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Worship of power

Capricorns from an early age are drawn to those who have the power, strength, influence, or an outstanding mind; with mere mortals they are not interested to communicate. And since not all of them since childhood manage to acquire high-ranking patrons who would appreciate them and accept them in their circle, representatives of this sign are often fenced off from the walls of alienation, interacting more or less normally with one individual who, at least in what surpasses them. The rest get a pound of contempt and a lot of neglect.

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But behind the strong authority of Capricorns, they can go without even thinking about the ethical conduct of their idol and what role they themselves play with him.It is important for them to prove that they have the right to occupy a place next to the “throne” of any “bumps” - in this way they themselves are exalted. And only with age, having already achieved significant success and having made a lot of mistakes, they understand that everything that they have, they would have received themselves, without burdening their conscience with unseemly acts. True, many others believe that this very conscience has no representatives of this sign at all.

Absurd Greed

Capricorns are not even stingy, they are greedy. The need to share something with someone is capable of causing an attack of real pain in them, they categorically do not tolerate an attempt on what they consider to be their own, and score every penny they spend. This creates pettiness, about which others make jokes: ““ I will not marry you, you are a greedy one! Here's your ring! "-" And where is the box? "".

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No, of course, the representatives of this sign are ready to both fork out and show generosity, but only in relation to those who can be useful to them. They present good and expensive gifts to superiors and potential business partners, trying to please those who make their lives comfortable, pay a lot of dedication.But on the useless and extraneous charity and spiritual impulses do not apply. And from those to whom they gave something, sooner or later, much more will be asked.

Workaholism as a diagnosis

Capricorns chronically do not digest idleness. It seems to them that if they are idle, they will miss something important, they will not have time, therefore they are constantly in motion, in action, in worries and troubles. And everything would be fine: well, a person works, is it really bad? That's just the representatives of this sign can not tolerate someone else's inaction. They need to have everything around the same.

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If Capricorn is the boss, then due to an untimely coffee break, you can fly out of work, and if you are an elder close relative, then you can’t even remember the blissful, lazy weekend. Representatives of this sign always find some task for those who depend on them, which (ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!) Cannot wait, and if all of a sudden everything is redone, they are forced to engage in advanced training. In general, as a result of chronic fatigue syndrome, not only Capricorns themselves suffer, but also those who, for whatever reason, have to obey them.

Dogmatic authoritarianism

Capricorns clearly follow some of their own, only they understandable principles and dogmas. They do not betray them themselves and do not allow others to do this. To bring them down from the intended "political course" is simply unrealistic, even if it leads to the abyss, as it is impossible to exclude you from participation in what they decided to drag you into. Representatives of this sign are hard-nosed and authoritarian, it seems to them that they all know better than others, therefore nobody has the right to vote, well, except that only those who are much higher than their position.

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The rest of them have to obey and comply, bend over and be reconciled with this state of affairs. Otherwise, the life of the rebel turns into a solid punishment, into a kind of pocket permanent hell, and Capricorns know a lot about sophisticated mockery, after which others feel like dust, dirt and "aquarium fish."

Love? And what is it?

Capricorns often despise love and prefer to build relationships on the basis of mutual benefit. It seems to them that such a symbiosis is much more honest and correct than sentimental dependence on another being.They are generally painfully admitting someone into their heart, be it a friend or a potential partner. They are indebted to prove the sincerity of their friendly or love feelings, they regard any attachment as a defect that prevents them from living and fulfilling the tasks assigned to them or by themselves.

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"The Effect of Benjamin Button"

Surprisingly, Capricorns are born "adults." That is why it is so difficult with them. They, as a rule, do not spend time on children's fun, their activities always make sense and are aimed far into the future. While other children play pranks, stuffing cones, playing and having fun, fall in love and learn to be friends, representatives of this sign build some kind of their own universe. Because of their immersion in the attainment of adults, global goals, they pass by a whole layer of skills, without which normal socialization is simply impossible, that's how full sociopaths grow out of them.

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However, it was not for nothing that at the very beginning of the horoscope we wrote that Capricorns had an alien entity. As they grow older, they seem to be getting younger: they start some games, more typical of adolescents, desires appear, which are characteristic not of mature individuals, but puberty.And again, the representatives of this sign are knocked out of a reality that is clear to all: while their peers are aging and lose their taste for life, Capricorns are just beginning to feel it, allow themselves to be entertained and indulge in all serious things, enjoying every moment of their existence.

Of course, this is a feature, not a disadvantage, but because of the inconsistency between the present and the inner age, Capricorns are ambiguously perceived by others: conflicts and claims arise, people laugh at this sign, hate them, envy them and invent all kinds of nonsense about them, not understanding that they are a striking exception to all rules.

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